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Family between love and mystery – Tv

“To play this role, I was inspired by my mother, a friendly and protective mother, sweet and authoritative towards our four children,” smiled Maria Chiara Giannetta. “It’s great to be able to rediscover the power of hugs on set,” confessed Raoul Bova. The two actors are husband and wife, the fulcrum and strength of an ordinary family but what is special is at the heart of ‘Buongiorno, mamma!’, New Series produced by Lux Vide by Matilde and Luca Bernabei for Mediaset , at launch Wednesday April 21 during prime time on Canale 5.

Directed by Giulio Manfredonia and Matteo Mandelli, writes Elena Bucaccio with Lea Tafuri and Leonardo Valenti, the fictional story set today on Lake Bracciano and tells the story of the villages. Anna (Giannetta) is a very special mother, despite everything with her husband, Guido (Bova) and four children: Francesca (Elena Funari), Jacopo (Matteo Oscar Giuggioli), Sole (Givevra Francesconi) and Michele (Marco Valerio Bartocci). The apparent quietness of the family unit is questioned by the arrival of Agata (Beatrice Arnera), a girl in search of the truth about her past, in connection with the youth of Anna and Guido. . It is Anna’s voice that opens the theme for each episode, a kind of event trailer will be told. The cast also included Erasmo Genzini, Barbara Folchitto, Filippo Gili, and Domenico Diele.

“I am not a mother, but I come from a large family: there are four of us, three sisters and one brother, the same age as my children in the novel,” said Giannetta, 28, person has entered. of the public for the role of Captain Olivieri in Don Matteo. “Of course, it is a character that belongs to me, which I feel very mine and has allowed me to work with Terence Hill and Nino Frassica. In particular, Nino is my mentor. This time I am.” slowly portray the mother .: It was fun working on a choir project, animated by very young actors.I had a great time with Bova: he was straight away made me feel at ease, also because we started out with strong scenes, accompanying me in the dynamics and confrontation of this couple “.

Between tears and laughter, the story unfolds between past and present, moving back in time to delve into each character, with challenges of maturity and setbacks that life sometimes forces. suddenly arrived. Bova confessed: “It was very demanding to keep the storyline and give the quality to an acting that required leaps of age, from the time Guido and Anna met today, with almost the same rhythm. American style, “confessed Bova, this is an unprecedented role of the man in the family. “My Guido is a principal working as a man desperate to try to raise four kids, each with their own problems, kids who need a lot of attention. Love each other, but behind their story there is a mystery. It slowly revealed. ”He explained that, also the father of four children in his life, Bova had” rediscovered the auto. typical chemistry, speaking, playing, addressing “But above all, he brought to Guido” the importance of warmth, physicality, the fact that a man embraces his children. mine. And on set, many of the barriers were cleared with a single gesture. It is a gift, a liberation to participate in this series of photos that we have captured at an extremely high level of safety, applying the strictest anti-Covid regulations.

The most powerful message of ‘Good morning, mom!’ “it is the power of the will to live, affection, love, the importance of standing by and against everything and everyone with enthusiasm and respect”, Bova emphasized, that we will seen in December in the comedy The Christmas Show by Alberto Ferrari and who in these limited weeks spent his time “above all over with family”. “I am waiting for the release of the novel now, I am very concerned,” he stressed. For Giannetta there was only one concern: “Face my mother’s judgment”.



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