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Fast Animals and Slow Kids, the band’s first achievement with Peyote – Music

For the first time a 10-year duet, Peru’s Fast Animals and Slow Kids bands chose their friend Willie Peyote, who recently won the Criticism Award at the last Sanremo festival for the song Mai dire mai (La locura). “It couldn’t be helped, Willie is a friend and an artist we respect. We landed on the software. And this is a real collaboration, not a guest. A compilation. perfecting both, “the four boys posted in April. Unreleased 23rd track “What would tell us (Woodworm in exclusive license for Believe). The song, after the previous” Like an animal “was released last May of last year in a completely locked state, is a step forward for the band towards the release of a new album of Unreleased Songs, also waiting to be back for live streaming.First date, with the rapper is the Rome May Day Concert, where they will be performing new songs. “We are delighted with this collaboration – says Fast Animals and Slow Children, whose name was inspired by a Griffin gag -. We met Willie right on the May Day stage, and he was the first person we thought of while writing this song. We feel that the work needs a different voice that can explain the meaning of the work and make it less confusing. We were purely abstractions, and Willie managed instead with a few words to perfectly explain the whole meaning of the song. Why so much to create a miracle? To start fighting each other, you need to be sure of yourself. You must have broad shoulders. The strange thing is that we opened the door at the greatest closing moment in the world. “Willie Peyote repeated them when recounting” I couldn’t collaborate with artists who weren’t friends. We have different scriptures but they are well married. In my opinion, the combination of these two makes the picture more complete. “But, to reinterpret the song, what would the Fast Animal mothers say to the four boys?” You have become idiots, try to be sensitive people, stop searching for shoes and tie your coats. “The emergence of the pandemic forced Aimone Romizi, Alessio Mingoli, Jacopo Gigliotti and Alessandro Guercini to reconsider their plans, committing first of all to refunding all tickets sold for the tour scheduled during the period. recently they supported protests in the square in the entertainment industry recently: “The priority is the workers, they are the ones in real difficulty. Wanting to play again is not short-sighted but to start thinking how to do it. Give us some guidance, some rules to respect, but let’s restart the field.
For the first time, artists serve those who are serving artists. “When it was live, the band had clear ideas:” We thought about that, but we gave up. That’s one thing if you are Billie Eilish and then program on the platform means an experience. It should be a project that works in digital terms and this roughly costs the TV production. “


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