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‘Faster and farther’: NASA helicopters make third flight on Mars | Space news

NASA said the Ingenuity helicopter traveled 50 meters at a top speed of 2 meters per second during its third flight on Mars.

The US space agency’s Ingenuity helicopter completed its third flight on Mars, flying “faster and farther” than any other test flight on Earth.

In one declare on Sunday, NASA said the helicopter had flown 50 meters (164 feet) with a top speed of 2 meters per second (6.6 feet / second).

This is Ingenuity’s third flight since it became an historic flight First step on the Red Planet in the first day of this month.

“Today’s flight is what we were planning, and it’s not surprising,” said Dave Lavery, program manager of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

The ingenuity reached Mars in February aboard the Perseverance explorer after a seven-month journey from Earth.

First flight on Mars was on April 19 tick the first flight of an energy-powered plane on another planet.

NASA says most of the helicopter’s 80-second flight on Sunday, recorded by Ingenuity’s camera, will be sent back to Earth in the coming days.

The space agency said helicopters will also make the fourth flight on Mars shortly.

The flights are challenging due to special conditions on the planet – namely that the rare Mars atmosphere has a density less than 1% compared to Earth.

The Ingenuity experiment will be over in a month for Perseverance to return to its main mission: looking for signs of past microbial life on Mars.

Last week, NASA said it achieved its first ever achievement in the Mars mission after converting carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere into pure, breathable oxygen.

The unprecedented extraction of oxygen was achieved on Tuesday thanks to an experimental device on board the Perseverance.



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