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Ferrari teases the special edition of the 812 Superfast

On April 21, the world got its first glimpse of Ferrari’s newest sports car through six images published by the brand. This was done in preparation for the world premiere of its latest model. According to Ferrari, the car is based on the iconic 812 Superfast, but has been redesigned to take performance to new heights. Combining revised architectural design with the latest version of the famous V12 engine, this model is arguably the epitome of more than 70 years of car-building experience for the world’s tracks. Ferrari, combine performance, form and function.

At the heart of this The car has not been named, as with any Ferrari, is a powerful engine that burns something primitive in both humans and machines. To revitalize this new car, Ferrari used the already powerful 65 ° V12 engine as a starting point and embarked on updating its design. Its engineers have successfully pushed the already impressive output of the V12 engine to 830CV, the highest of “any Ferrari road car engine”. This strength is achieved through the redesign of a number of key engine components such as the valve regulator and the exhaust system, as well as the use of advanced materials.

To fully tame and bring out the full power of the V12 engine, Ferrari has included a range of industry-leading dynamics controllers. The most prominent of these is the independent steering system on all four wheels, giving the car unmatched responsiveness and accuracy, especially when around corners. Control is further enhanced through Ferrari’s latest version of Side Slip Control. Its engineers have also successfully reduced the weight of the car compared to the original 812 Super fast adopts the widespread use of carbon fiber.

The car’s shape has also been significantly changed to improve aerodynamic performance by maximizing downforce. Redesigns have never been seen before on a legitimate vehicle and give this car an exceptionally strong identity. This identity is further reinforced through styling options that enhance its sporty aesthetics like a carbon fiber blade running across the bonnet, and an aluminum construction instead of a rear glass display. .

Much of the interior design of the 812 Superfast is retained but redesigned to reduce weight.

This anonymous steed still retains the basic shape of the 812 Superfast, but has an undeniable feature. It will be fully revealed on May 5, 2021, 14:30 CEST (22:30 SGT) during an event streamed live on Ferrari’s social media channels. During the event, the model’s name and other specifications will be announced. Until then, these images are all we must admire.



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