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Consumers around the world have hoarded add $ 5,4tn savings since Covid-19 started and growing confidence in the economic outlook, paving the way for a strong recovery.

Households accumulated excess savings – defined as additional savings compared to a 2019 spending model, and more than 6% of gross national product, according to credit rating agency Moody’s estimates. domestic market – at the end of the first quarter of this year.

An explosive global consumer confidence suggests shoppers will be willing to spend again as soon as businesses reopen when virus restrictions are eased.

In the first three months of 2021, the Conference Board’s global consumer confidence index reached its highest level since its record began in 2005, with significant increases in all regions of the world. (FT)

Digestive coronavirus

  • Half WE adult received at least one Covid-19 vaccine dosage. Anthony Fauci said the US is likely to continue using Johnson & Johnson this week. South AfricaMedical agency has recommended resumed use jab.

  • Seventy-seven cases of one variant related to an increase India was found in UK. Health officials said they are evaluating whether this variant is available easier to transmit and avoiding vaccines over other forms of the virus.

  • IndiaThe rupee has appreciated from emerging markets lead to lag as the country faced a wave of fierce crime.

  • Englandfield coaches have criticized the government on one private trips are prohibited for people from multiple households until next month.

  • The I reached the 100m milestone of the dose of vaccine administered last week. But the number on the title is hidden the difference is increasing in blocks. Australia Monday words will ask for Brussels removal of export restrictions on vaccines and abandoned plans to impose carbon taxes on imports from outside the bloc.

  • Transfer money from Russia Helping reduce economic impact of the epidemic in Central Asia. (AP, FT)

Get ready for the new politics of outrage in the office, Writes Pilita Clark. The suffering of one worker at work is another’s well-paid vacation. Subscribe to the latest news on our live blog and registration for our Coronavirus Enterprise Update email newsletter.

On the news

The top soccer clubs in Europe sign up to secede the Super League Dozens of Europe’s richest football clubs, including Spain’s Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​England’s Manchester United and Manchester City and Italy’s Juventus have agreed to join “Super League” breakaway competition aims to replace the Champions League and will mark the biggest game change in decades.

Brexit affects drug supplies for N Ireland Unbranded UK companies have begun withdraw medicine from Northern Ireland market on the cost of post-Brexit red tape, according to industry leaders. Maros Sefcovic, the EU’s Brexit Director, called for “good faith“Approach to applying new transaction rules.”

Pharmaceutical industry leaders have warned against supplying Northern Ireland with key ingredients used in intravenous drip drops.

Pharmaceutical industry leaders have warned about supplying Northern Ireland with key ingredients used in intravenous drip drops © Yuriy Klochan / Alamy

Navalny supporters say his life ‘hangs on a rope’ Supporters of Alexei Navalny have appealed for protest, warning that the Russian opposition leader is jailed harsh treatment in prison could lead to his imminent death. Navalny went on a hunger strike for 19 days because the prison refused to let him see the doctor of his choice.

HSBC Bank the copper head was tied to the hot table CEO Noel Quinn has abolished the entire executive floor the bank’s Canary Wharf skyscraper as it spurred sweeping changes to the post-pandemic way of working. The CEOs – including the CEOs – are currently working hot on a two-story open floor below.

Trump’s tax change dispute threatens the infrastructure bill Donald Trump’s 2017 tax reform war get in the way among Joe Biden’s $ 2 billion worth of infrastructure proposals, with U.S. lawmakers from both sides threatening to oppose any tax and spending plans that don’t reverse the key clause about Trump’s changes. “Building a better return” should also include strengthening human services, written Rana Foroohar.

  • A potentially liberal critique of Biden’s infrastructure bill – that it’s financially too progressive, Writes Edward Luce in Swamp Notes. Registration here.

Leader Sinn Féin apologizes for the assassination of Mountbatten Mary Lou McDonald apologized for the IRA’s kill Lord Mountbatten more than 40 years ago. Comments, the next day funeral of Prince Philip’s nephew, which marked a change in tone compared with her predecessor Gerry Adams, who said the royal “knew danger” when it came to Ireland.

Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald

Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald © Aidan Crawley / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

Supporters of Aung San Suu Kyi proclaim ‘government of national unity’ The parallel government is formed by MPs from the party of the deposed leader and will include high-level representatives from Myanmar’s ethnic minorities. The government misjudged the response of Beijing, ASEAN and those with whom they were crushing their rights, written by Andrew Heyn, former UK ambassador to Myanmar.

Indianapolis shooter identified A former FedEx employee has returned to his once and place work killed eight people at a facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, late on Thursday, the authorities said, the latest event in an series of mass shootings in America in recent weeks.

  • Since the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin began in March, at least 64 people – including Daunte Wright – has died at the hands of law enforcement nationwide. (FT, NYT)

Calls to report payment gaps by ethnicity in the UK Requirements for large companies announcement of salary difference According to business groups and economists in the UK, those who accuse government-authorized race reporting could help address racial inequality in the workplace.


UK launches housing program Government will step in Monday Launch a plan designed to help buyers reach the housing ladder by encouraging banks to lend up to 95% of a property’s value.

Australia-New Zealand tourism bubble The launch of Australia-New Zealand There is no quarantine The “tourist bubble” on Monday could provide a pattern elsewhere and pave the way for airline recovery, according to the nations’ top airlines.

Czech diplomats face a Russian deadline In response to the Czech Republic’s decision to do so expelled 18 Russian diplomats After explosions at a Czech ammunition dump in 2014, Moscow asked 20 Czech diplomats to leave the country before midnight.

total income Coca-Cola, IBM, Prologis and United Airlines report.

What else we are reading

How Birmingham is emerging from the shadow of London Known for its role in the industrial revolution, Birmingham is reinventing itself as one Center for financial and technology services. Goldman Sachs’ choice of the West Midlands city instead of destinations like Amsterdam, Frankfurt or Paris adds to its appeal. What does it mean for London? (FT)

Query Wirecard: The elite of Germany revealed The investigation against Wirecard – which announced in June last year that 1.9 billion euros was missing in its accounts before falling into insolvency – sparked Berlin’s political elite. and resulted in a series of resignations. The question is: why did the managers not discover one of these The country’s worst corporate fraud?

Both Angela Merkel and finance minister Olaf Scholz were attracted to the investigation;  Merkel on charges of lobbying China and Scholz because he oversees financial regulators

Both Angela Merkel and finance minister Olaf Scholz were attracted to the investigation; Merkel over allegations of lobbying China, and Scholz for overseeing financial regulators © FT editing; Reuters; EPA-EFE

The game inspires the world of virtual work When we get out of lockdown and start working together, employees don’t have the ability to stay in the office together every day – and some companies will be completely remote. VR tools can help avoid Zoom fatigue and encourage more natural communication – or “cooler water” moments.

Inside Jordan’s royal crisis After Prince Hamzah was transferred to the position of overseeing military intelligence services, he began flirting with tribal groups angry about the recession economy and the loss of access to King Abdullah. That tactic brought the ambitious prince and the rest of the ruling family into public conflict two weeks ago.

King Abdullah of Jordan, right, and Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, left, in 2004 - the year Hamzah was stripped of his role as crown prince © Alamy

King Abdullah of Jordan, right, and Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, left, in 2004 – the year Hamzah was stripped of his role as crown prince © Alamy

Flying cars are about to take off What has long been stuck in sci-fi is the quick approach to reality, Writes John Thornhill. Even General Motors is in the game “Flying Cadillac”. As with other new technologies, one of the biggest risks can come from too early deployment and backlash from the public. (FT, Reuters)

Wall Street banks are again ahead of Europe Historians may look back and conclude that an unexpected consequence of Covid-19 was that it strengthened the Wall Street banks’ primacy over European rivals, write Gillian Tett.

Gillian Tett: For comparison, this week's crypto excitement is almost a side show

Gillian Tett: By comparison, this week’s crypto excitement was almost a side show © Efi Chalikopoulou

Podcasts of the day

Turnstile of Whitehall The fall of Greensill Capital and the involvement of former prime minister David Cameron have raised questions about the UK’s lobbying regime. Sebastian Payne discusses the matter any rules have been broken. (FT)

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