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Good morning. How well did you keep up with this week’s news? Do our test heart out.

Greensill Capital has planned to use an early payment program for medical staff as a lever to ensure more lucrative work with the NHS, according to people familiar with the matter and a presentation from the finance team, the group was run last month.

Greensill, who collapsed also revealed a lobbying scandal focused on its advisor David Cameron, introduced a plan for NHS employees to cash out bit by bit each day.

Founder Lex Greensill announced the program last year when the UK was attacked by Covid-19 as a way to provide NHS workers with a “free cup of tea”. But behind the scenes, Greensill embarked on a tour of the NHS trusts in an effort to turn the scheme into a pay-for business.

Cameron tried hallway for Greensill This includes contacting the most senior UK Treasury official and sending multiple messages to the deputy governor of the Bank of England, the first of eight investigations into the scandal to be opened. Thursday. Creditors also vote for liquidation Australian parent company of London-based financial group.

Credit Suisse, meanwhile, is raised 1.9 billion dollars capital from investors in an attempt to rebuild the balance sheet as it faltered after the Greensill crisis.

Digestive coronavirus

  • The reopening of the economy has accelerated UK consumer confidence in it highest level since the first Covid-19 restrictions. The government’s scientific advisers are divided about whether to introduce All people under 40 are offered an alternative solution Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine because rare cases of blood clots continue to increase.

  • UK officials complained that they were “Drown” in the requests for PPE from MPs, ministers and other “VIP” contacts at the start of the pandemic, the Supreme Court heard on Thursday.

  • India report one the world record is 315,000 the number of new coronavirus infections in a single day on Wednesday surpassed the highest level in the United States this year.

  • Singapore and Hong Kong call off a notice about one Air travel bubble – second delay of the program without quarantine for five months.

  • Europe Bond market is consolidated after Policy held by the ECB In place, reaffirms commitment to low borrowing costs and said it will maintain the recent increase in bond buying rates. (FT, Bloomberg)

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On the news

Beijing struggles to control Ant Group’s data China’s central bank is trying to take control of Ant Group data warehouse for consumer loans, one of the most valuable assets in Jack Ma’s internet empire, marks the latest front in government crackdown on the billionaire’s financial technology conglomerate.

UK ministers seek ‘investment council’ advice The ministers asked more than 30 business directors from large multinational companies to form a “investment council“Will advise the government on boosting the UK’s global competitiveness and helping to attract foreign investors into key national projects.

The United States has a lead in climate change The United States opened a two-day virtual climate summit with an oath cut carbon emissions in half by the end of the decade, what President Joe Biden thinks will help create jobs and maintain America’s competitiveness. Canada, Japan and South Korea have also introduced new climate commitments. Subscribe to us live blog Latest.

Biden raised taxes on the richest American The US President is preparing to reveal a series of these tax increase for wealthy Americans, which includes almost doubling capital gains for those earning more than $ 1 million, to pay for increased funding for child care and education. Wall Street Securities turn lower following reports of tax increases.

Russia withdrew from Ukraine’s border The Russian Defense Minister has ordered tens of thousands of recently deployed soldiers to back to their base camp from Friday, ease immediate fears of a conflict and reduce tensions with the West. The ruble is up 1.4% against the dollar according to the news. The military building is designed to show off Moscow still calls the shootings.

Russia's statement on Thursday that it will cease its military presence alleviates fears that the Kremlin is planning a full-scale confrontation with Kyiv.

Russia’s statement on Thursday that it would cut its military presence alleviated concerns that the Kremlin is planning a full-scale confrontation with Kyiv © AP

Wirecard employees have made millions of dollars in shopping bags The German payment group’s staff collapsed earned millions of euros in cash According to former employees, coming out of its Munich headquarters for many years, shows that Wirecard had been looted even more brazen than it was known.

Issuers of EMs rose a record 191 billion dollars in the external debt market Borrowing in poor and middle-income countries through euro bonds – debt issued abroad, mainly in dollars, euros and yen – reaches quarterly peak in the three months through March 2021, with the fundraising amount reaching 191 billion dollars. Investors say risks are increasing as countries endure a resurgence of Covid-19.

Column chart Combining sovereign and corporate issuances from emerging markets, billions of dollars shows EM's Eurobond issuance at a record high in the first quarter of this year

Next days

Threat warning of Spymaster UK Jeremy Fleming, the director of GCHQ, will warning on friday that the UK is facing a “computational moment” in the race to protect future technologies from rivals such as China and Russia.

CDC meets J&J jab The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will meet to decide its next steps for vaccine J&J coronavirus, was discontinued due to side effects.

The total income of the United States American Express, Kimberly-Clark, Schlumberger and the Honeywell report on Friday.

Economic data UK retail data for March is available out. Economies with fast PMI in April include the euro zone, France, Germany, the UK and the US. Russia has a ratio decision.

ASEAN-Myanmar Summit The Southeast Asian regional group convened a leaders summit in Jakarta to enter Saturday Discussion of crisis after military coup in Myanmar.

The Oscar begins The 93rd Oscar ceremony will take place on Sunday night. These are the nominees. (THE CURRENT)

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What else we are reading

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon: from ally to enemy It was the coalition that pulled the Scottish National Party away from stiff opposition to the 2014 referendum on independence. But complaints of harassment against Salmond threw the partnership in. A fierce war has undermined Scottish politics – and threatened undermining Scotland’s independence movement.

Illustration by Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon

Although his deputy has always been publicly supportive, Salmond appreciates Sturgeon’s willingness to side with him privately © Barry Falls

The ‘insane’ death of strong Chad At the time Chad’s electoral commission had declared President Idriss Déby Itno the winner of his sixth term, former general dead or dying from wounds caught in a gun battle with a convoy of rebels sweeping south from Libya – heralded an era of uncertainty in the Sahel.

Russia changes orbit The International Space Station, the largest ever global collaboration in science and engineering, has been the meeting point for astronauts since 1998. Moscow’s departure from the project is expected. Will lead to more space cooperation with Beijing – and bring back two decades rare cooperation with the west to close.

Astronaut James H Newman during a space walk 1998 © NASA / Getty

This week, Russia announced it would withdraw from ISS worth $ 150 billion by 2025, ending a remarkable period of international cooperation dating back to the perestroika period at the end of the cold war © Getty Images

Stealth data of Asian Americans The absence of Asian American representation in national surveys means that the voices of Asian voters, the fastest growing group in battlefield states such as Georgia and Texas, are lost in coverage. , Writes Christine Zhang.

  • The US Senate has voted to pass a bill aimed at improving the executive’s ability to react to hateful crimes, highlighting those targeting Asian Americans.

A protest in New York City calls for an end to anti-Asian violence

A protest in New York City demanding an end to anti-Asian violence © Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Dogecoin is a joke but it’s not the funny thing The meme cryptocurrency, part of a wave of redundancy spreading across speculative assets, was worth a short-term $ 54 billion this week. Does that mean the entire market is in a wild phase of redundancy? Unnecessary – but it is still a risk. (WSJ)

Illustrations of the day

Banx: Biden talks about the ‘decisive decade’ to address climate change

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