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Former Russian tycoon Glushkov dies in London – World is ‘killed’

Russian businessman Nikolai Glushkov, found dead in his London apartment in March 2018, was strangled with a dog collar so that the murder turned out to be a suicide. The British media wrote it, citing the results of the findings of an investigative officer of a British court investigating the matter. The tycoon is seen as a critic of Vladimir Putin. The proceeding has been underway since March 2018, when Glushkov, 69, was found lifeless.

Glushkov fled Russia after being accused of fraud at the time he was deputy director of Aeroflot and granted political asylum in the UK in 2010. In 2017, after a trial in absence, he We were sentenced to 8 years in prison by a Russian court. Glushkov is friends with Boris Berezovsky, found dead in 2013, and along with Alexander Litvinenko – killed with radioactive tea – he is considered one of the leading figures in Putin’s opposition in London. His death came a week after former Russian intelligence spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned by the Novichok ship in Salisbury.


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