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“Former Trump Counsel is currently arguing“ No reasonable person ”would believe her Voter Fraud is“ The Truth ”; Powell is facing multi-billion dollar lawsuits after accusing tech companies of voting to cheat the election ”

Zoe Tillman for BuzzFeed:

Sidney Powell argued on Monday that she could not be sued for defamation for repeatedly promoting false conspiracy theories that the 2020 election was fraudulent because “there weren’t any reasonable people”. believe that her comments are “a true statement of truth”.

In the months following the election, the Texas-based attorney became one of the most public faces of President Joe Biden’s discrediting campaign. Swear “release the Kraken out, ”She pushed the lie that the election was stolen from former President Donald Trump. In his numerous television and public appearances, as well as in court, Powell spread conspiracy theories that two voting equipment companies, Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, were part of a plan to be adopted by the Democrats. owners support to “steal” the election by cheating the voting system to flip votes. for Trump to Biden, counting votes more than once, and crafting votes for Biden.

Currently facing billions of dollars lawsuits from both companies and yes loses all her trials Election challenges, Powell is on the defensive. On Monday, her legal team submitted one movement to remove Dominion’s $ 1.3 billion lawsuit, or at least, to transfer it from federal district court in Washington, DC, to Texas. They argued that the election fraud story that Powell spent months promoting as the basis for the cancellation of the presidential election was “exaggeration” and that the political speech was defended under the First Amendment.

Even though Powell’s statements were statements of fact that could be proved true or false, her lawyers wrote, “no reasonable person can conclude that claims those are really statements of truth.

Powell blamed Trump’s supporters, who applied conspiracy theories and lies that she and other Trump allies promoted and that ultimately fueled the uprising at the Capitol. Ky on January 6th. Her lawyers wrote that she only presented “her legal opinion and theory on an issue of great public concern,” and members of the public are interested in being “free” to examine the evidence and make its own decision or wait to see how it goes to court.



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