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Formula E: Agag, a miracle present in Rome – F1

“It’s almost a miracle to be here, while the world is going down. Other cities didn’t want to make this effort, thank you Mayor and Aci di Angelo Sticchi Damiani. It’s important because That is a sign of optimism, we have to go ahead and do it everyone “. Alejandro Agag, president and founder of Formula E, therefore, presents the tram racing week on Saturday and Sunday in Rome on the streets of the Eur district. “We are in season 7, from a sports standpoint it is very important now we are the world champion of FIA and tomorrow Jean Todt will come (FIA president, ed). Now we are in the second generation of single-seat cars with durable batteries throughout the race, now we are working on the third generation for even faster cars.And the Eur circuit is one Ideal race track for faster electric cars. When an Italian manufacturer joins Formula E. “Among the things we lack is an Italian team and also Elon Musk’s Tesla – Sticchi Damiani said – I am very optimistic, we are working hard to have a home. Italian production in Formula E “. After the opening of both Formula 1 and Rally, Italia dei Motori also said it agreed with Formula E during the pandemic as Angelo Sticchi Damiani, President Aci and Vice President of FIA for Sports emphasized: “Formula E Definitely a great idea, a challenge we believe in an unimaginable, electric speed balancing.The Italian motorsport company has also responded to Formula 1 and Rally in It’s a complicated situation like this with a pandemic and now we do it with Formula E. And now we’re going to have the electric car race too. ” Maybe one day we will see Formula 1 and Formula E together in Rome: “Once there was a chance for Rome, it was a very ambitious and expensive project, today I find it difficult. even in a modern neighborhood like Eur.
An F1 circuit has higher costs and higher safety requirements, it was difficult today, at that time there was only one commander like Ecclestone, today was different. I think it’s really tough: in the future maybe we can do more Formula E GP tournaments in Italy than see Formula 1 in Rome.


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