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Four Fun Things | A Cup of Jo

The Cup of Jo community has strong opinions on trends (you like these, hate theseSo I’m curious to hear what you think about the shape of the wide-legged, high-waist pants khakis! I like them, but please praise them or destroy them in the comments below.

martin roll potato cake

What have you eaten these days? My refreshing commute breakfast: a toast, a toast potato butter sandwich with two scrambled eggs on it. It’s simple and delicious, and you can always add withered spinach or a slice of sharp cheddar.

memory police

Recently, I stumbled across a few good books – Edie Richter is not alone, You never believe what happened to Lacey – And right now, I’m ripping Memory police. Ranked best book of the year by gazillion magazine, the novel tells the story of a young writer living on an island where everything systematically disappears. First the hat, then the perfume, then the bird. When she realizes her editor is in danger, she tries to hide him … and I won’t reveal anything! It’s engaging and thrilling and keeps me up too late.

Nate Bargatze

One day, a friend texted me a TV introduction: The Standups episode one featuring comedian Nate Bargatze. “Thirty minutes,” she wrote. “TRUST ME.” So that night, Alex and I watched it on Netflix and it did fun. If you’re in the mood to laugh for half an hour straight, watch! springs

PS Much more interesting, and your favorite podcasts.

(Martin’s Potato Rolls photo of Neighborhood Terms. Memory Police’s Image Time.)



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