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Franceschini, if the stadium is also open to concerts – Culture & Program

“If the stadiums are open for football, the same rules must also apply to concerts.” THEncalzato by trade associations during the uprising, from Fimi’s record companies to many areas represented by Agis, Culture Minister Franceschini spoke out at the standoff by the black crisis dragging longer than a year now. He foresaw his position after reading the newspaper, repeating it with the Chamber prompted by Italia Viva at Question Time, reiterating it with The Globe Theater in Rome, is now occupied as it was in the previous weeks for Piccolo in Milan and Mercadante in Naples. The theme has always been to reopen from the point of view of May and the Minister ensures that he will do “everything he can” to help revive the industry, towards the goal of a safe and “special reboot. is the “outdoor activity” over the next few months. Just as he would continue to fight, he said, to keep quenching his thirst. To help those who remain closed, as well as those who reopen and will have to do it a little more. “I am not your partner,” he repeated to the theater artists who belong to the great Gigi Proietti, “I have a duty to be your representative in organizations.” The actors listened silently to him, they seemed to appreciate his words, even as the minister’s brief intervention, standing in the center of the hall, was not welcomed with a bow. hand claps. Anyway, The atmosphere in Villa Borghese’s Shakespearean theater seemed like a lunar gathering, with the actors and workers seated in a circle, spaced just enough distance from each other, their faces covered by mask. In the room also Ascanio Celestini, this allowed us to speak personally, even when in his words we saw the despair of the entire country of Italy: “We have dealt with theaters as well as the public. polluting companies and could not reach the standard, “he complained. “The necessary work has not been done and therefore we will find ourselves reopening these spaces with all the problems that had been in the past plus those that got worse over time.”
The harsh words, followed by equally boisterous words from promoters of music and entertainment associations, came early in the morning after the government announced the opening of the Olympic Stadium in Rome for the public to attend the European football championship. “If it is possible to go into a stadium with 16,000 people to watch football, then it must be a concert too – he said Enzo Mazza, The CEO of Fimi, the federation of music industries – the cultural world cannot be treated this way. ”And the unjust discrimination also talked about Carlo Fontana, president of Agis, general linkage of the program. After days of grumbling, rejection of polite debates, advice, recommendations, and requests, it seems signs of an entire industry uprising now impatient.
Franceschini reassured: “The rules are the same for everyone, I also wrote it in a document sent yesterday to CTS.”. Before parliamentarians and then again to the Globe occupants, the Minister reiterated the requests he made to the committee’s technicians with the aim of reopening cultural sites and deconstructing cultural sites. The audience is “double” compared to the regulations currently in effect. . It marked the limited numbers, “500 indoors, 1000 outdoors”, would allow a good step forward along with the possibility of large event venues. “We are working to ensure the most openness possible,” he stressed. “They are reasonable proposals, seeing with the items, I hope the CTS response is positive”. There are many people who wish that, even as the world of associations, from Agis to Fimi, from lyrical background to the many acronyms of the cartoon #ricominciamo, kept asking for more, “no fixed number” for strength. containment of rooms and even unlimited yellow zones: “There is an economic sustainability problem – forcing the president of Agis – the business to close only in the red regions.” Even the promises of new dishes weren’t enough. Exhausted show just wanted to reopen. (HANDLING).



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