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Franceschini, the show can’t go on anymore – The cinema

(ANSA) – ROME, April 12, Doubles the maximum number of attendees allowed for both the outdoor and indoor performances. And regarding the Regions, looking to experience events open to even a few thousand people, following the model of a concert a few days ago in Barcelona, ​​accompanied by additional security measures without the cost of falling to the general public, however, this was inherently difficult. to persuade to participate as well as not to participate in exhibitions, was tried too hard by the economic crisis. But in any case, to promote reopening as much as possible, after April 30, since the field is on the rise, cannot continue anymore and because of its importance to the platform. national economy, so “must consider”. essential as school. “.
Always cautious, Culture Minister Franceschini has spent hours today connecting with CTS technicians to convince them of their need to find solutions for cinematic events, theater events, dance, music, art. Imagine a scenario where tomorrow through Wednesday will be detailed in a document, a proposal generated from a pool of requests made in recent weeks by industry associations and local government representatives, and the minister pledged to send it to the Commission. .

A tense reconciliation was and before today was Agis’ suicideThe show’s general association, opposed the theory that forced audiences to wax before entering the theater and set up an Ffp2 mask on the spot. It will be “an element of social discrimination, as well as discouraging further participation”, emphasizing the association chaired by Carlo Fontana, noting that even the cost of the mask, if put into facility’s manager, will not be sustainable. The minister watered the fire, there would be no need to get back to the cinema or theater, he assured by leaving the meeting. For this type of performance, precautions will remain things we’re all accustomed to, from the obligation to wear masks to banning eating in halls, banning gatherings, distance. Aiming to increase the capacity established by existing protocols, it is expected that rooms can be filled by 25% with up to 200 people indoors and 400 outdoors. Indeed ask to double it. Additional precautions, hypothetically requiring a tampon, as Dutch parks have done in recent days or like for a ‘pioneering’ concert in Barcelona, ​​will instead play effective – this is the idea of ​​the Minister – for especial winds, special situations where the organization will be left to evaluate the Zones, concerts or events will be held strictly outdoors but are also open to several thousand spectators. fake. And the cost of these additional warranties, from sanitary napkins to locally distributed masks, may be borne by the state or the region or possibly paid by a sponsor, so as not to be burdened. audience or organizers. Even the final decision is up to the technicians and the government.

From Agis to about 80 people promoting the #Ricominciamo protocol, The association, for several months also coordinated with the Department to envision a future for the program, is still in suspense. In recent weeks there has been a feverish activity on the part of people developing protocols, imagining sustainable organizations. Authors, exhibitors, artists, producers really want more, they claim that the fixed capacity is not the same for everyone, but is associated with the size of the room or location. outdoor point, that it is allowed to sell food and drinks, the complexity and variety of the field. And that the state also takes into account how much it costs to invest in security and who cannot afford it. (HANDLING).



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