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Franchise information Pirtek

Pirtek started operations in Australia in 1980, and expanded to the US in 1996. The company also has pipe supply and service centers in 23 countries around the world. Franchisees sell and service hydraulic hoses and related parts and equipment at their service centers on site.

About Pirtek USA

PIRTEK is a unique B2B franchise and one of the few industrial franchises available. As there is industry, there is a need to replace industrial and hydraulic hoses. Countless devices operate via hydraulic or pneumatic, requiring frequent pipe replacement. PIRTEK franchise owners reap the benefits of that continued need, build successful businesses, and create the lifestyles they’ve dreamed of. With more than 40 years of experience in franchising, PIRTEK’s service-based franchising helps reduce equipment downtime, and keep machines and businesses up and running.

Pirtek car at the site

The business boasts more than 400 Service & Supply Centers and a Mobile Service Vehicle fleet in 23 countries. The PIRTEK franchise can take advantage of the opportunity wherever industrial equipment is used – virtually anywhere.

Start-up costs & fees

  • Franchise fee – $ 20,000 to $ 50,000
  • Royalties – 4%
  • Marketing fees – 1.5%

Top 5 industries benefit from PIRTEK’s services:

  • Build
  • Equipment rental
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Manufacturing & Manufacturing
  • Recycle rubbish

Pirtek service collaborators work with customers.

Ideal candidate

Are you looking to capitalize on your business acumen, managerial skills or mechanical talent? Successful PIRTEK franchisees do not need a background in mechanics. Our hydraulic hose replacement business opportunity can be perfect for anyone who is focused on their own business and ready to start. It is great for business people who understand the value of building relationships.

Training and support

With PIRTEK system, you have more than 40 years of experience and expertise on your part. You are in business for yourself, but not for yourself. Whether it’s assisting you in finding a niche or local marketing, the PIRTEK strategic system assists you every step of the way. As a franchisee of PIRTEK, you will receive:

Work: Start-up of PIRTEK is fast and fully supported by the corporate team. We help you with site selection, construction, equipment, inventory, vehicle acquisition, equipment, certified training, and proprietary computer software.

Educate: We offer industry-leading training for franchise owners and employees from our corporate headquarters as well as virtually. The sessions include training in sales, marketing, accounting, administration, IT and engineering. You can receive certificates recognized by the International Liquid Energy Association.

Sell: We conduct targeted business development activities through our burgeoning country account programs. Franchises are also consistently supported by Business Development Directors who provide on-site support.

Marketing: The PIRTEK Group of Companies helps with your marketing and advertising needs so you can focus on building your business. PIRTEK offers options for marketing materials, promotional products, and sales programs to support growth. Our years in the market have allowed us to build partnerships and marketing programs with world-class organizations like Team Penske.

Administration: For tier 2 franchises, accounting assistance is provided automatically for the first year of business and can be extended for a total of three years. Assistance includes financial budgeting and assistance in managing accounts payable and receivables.

Pirtek technician working on the device.


“I appreciate branding and national name; Franchise structure has strong systems and exceptional products. It also provides you as a franchisee, with access to high quality products and materials. Another great benefit is the purchasing power of the company structure, supported by the team at PIRTEK USA, you have the ability to source and find products that our competitors may not be able to do. . Ultimately, it’s a huge boon to have the company’s sales and marketing support, to help you focus on running your business, while they handle all the major special aspects. brand promotion. ”Franchise Owner PIRTEK – Utah

“The network of franchisees is very supportive. Questions answered and inventory shared. Recently, the support from PIRTEK USA has been expanding and attracting. The PIRTEK US sales team has directly influenced our sales growth and is highly regarded. Finally, the annual meeting enables other network members to get back together to catch up and share ideas, successes, and challenges. ”Franchise Owner PIRTEK – Ohio

“A proven business model, a service in high demand, a franchisor committed to investing heavily in the PIRTEK brand and a network of other franchisees at different stages of development. willing to give advice and support… this is a strong business model that will remain strong. It takes time, but if you take care of your people and customers, and if you do it well, you’ll be successful. ”Franchise Owner PIRTEK – Georgia



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