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Fritan Technology, LLC Announces New Product Releases in Fringe Screw™ – IHUB Partner Press Releases

Cleveland, OH, United States, 09/20/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Fritan Technology, LLC is pleased to announce that they have added new inventory for Fringe Screw™. They are available in sizes 9×1”, 10×1.25” and 10×4” in a black finish. These screws help in tightening or loosen stripped door hinge screws. They instantly repair loose doors without the need for removing the door, toothpicks, glue, wood shavings or dowels. Fringe Screws™ are a combination of standard-sized heads and oversized threads also known as Jackson Head Screws. They are available in #9, #10 and #12 in different lengths. These screws are perfect for entry doors, residential and commercial doors. The company is yet to launch Fringe Screw™ for cabinet doors; however, these versions will be coming soon.

Fritan Technology - Fringe Screw
Fritan Technology – Fringe Screw

A customer points out that the Fringe Screw™ products are brilliant ideas. Stripped out door hinges are a common problem without a feasible solution. These screws are effective solutions for doors that are prone to frequent opening and closing especially in a commercial setting. Even the highest-rated doors and wooden frames are susceptible to stripped out conditions. The weight of the door starts to pull the hinge screws from the wooden frame. This causes the doors to jam, tilt, or loosen over a period of time. In a majority of cases, the original hinge screws cannot be tightened. The reason being the threads are already worn out from the wood fibers on the frame.

Thankfully, Fringe Screw™ has proved to be the most practical and cheap solution for these kinds of issues. “Installed your Fringe Screw™ in our damaged patio door threads…They worked awesome…better than expected. Thanks for the great product. The original door screws were very short in length and poor quality… did not last very long”, says Mike Burcke, Facilities Maintenance from Oklahoma City, OK. Instead of buying new doors or changing the frames, these screws by Fritan are the best options.

Fringe Screws™ are the #1 bestseller in interior and entry doors across finishes and sizes. As they have unique dimensions, they are also considered to be versatile options. There are three sizes in Fringe Screws™: #9 head replaces hinge screws for bathroom doors, bedroom doors, office doors, etc. The #10 head replaces hinge screws on front doors, garage doors, back doors, etc. Installing door hinges is pretty much DIY with a set of basic tools. Fritan Technology offers Fringe Hinge™, a new product launch for customers who wish to upgrade door hinges when repairing with Fringe Screws™ and other screws. The other popular product is Framan Hangar™ which solves all the problems associated with traditional frame hangers. The company also offers thick ceiling hooks for use on thick ceilings and custom-length coaxial cables.

To learn more about the Fringe Screw™ visit https://www.fritantechnology.com/fringe-screw/

About Fritan Technology, LLC

Fritan Technology, LLC, is a product development and engineering firm specializing in designing and developing products for the renovation and home repair industries. The company is based in Akron, Ohio, and has been developing products since 2009. Over the years, the company has garnered a reputation for designing high-quality, innovative products which make lives simpler and more beautiful. The company’s products hope to bridge the gap between technically skilled installers and regular people who want to undertake DIY home repairs by offering information and tools to accomplish some of the most common household repair jobs. The company works with clients to ensure satisfaction across its range of products, including screws, door hinges, and door hinge screws.



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