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From Dante to pop, Festival dei 2 mondi looking at the squares – Music

Music, theater, dance, meeting. Featuring 60 concerts and 500 artists from around the world, an ambitious show that goes from Strehler’s committed prose to Martino and Colapesce’s ‘very light’ music, from Stravinskij to Dante, will return to Spoleto , from June 25 to July 11 Festival dei Two Worlds. And the pandemic in the enchanting story of art director Monique Veaute appears to have been a distant memory, with the dream of a medieval town once again being publicized by the all-time, transnational, public generations make excitement. Or at least hope is lit, the same thing seems to come to life with Minister Franceschini’s words, as he recounts the work of these days looking for new rules and further assurances, “for allow rooms to be filled up “and above all, open spaces, exceeding the 200 (inside) and 400 (outside) limits set by the government a year ago.”

“Next week we will be presenting a series of specific proposals for CTS,” he assured with the connection from his studio at Roman College, “it was essential to do this in regards to CTS. summer point, the show must go back to the square “live show. In fact, the slightly gloomy atmosphere of these months returns to the scene with the video message of very young choreographer and director Alan Lucien Oyen, one of the most exciting voices of contemporary theater, who from gray Norway, big bun and a high-neck sweater, tells of how he had to transform The American Moth performed by Covid, which was practically a narrative performance with nine actors “from 24 to 82 years old “and their answer to a single question:” What haunts you? ” . “We only met once in Oslo last September and it seemed like a miracle,” he confessed now focusing on the magic of a live performance. On the other hand, this is a bit of a floating idea in the presentation of the entire program in 2021, miracles, miracles that can find a lot of people who enjoy art, appreciate, discuss, and celebrate together. Veaute said, a show repeatedly emphasized his closeness to Giancarlo Menotti and Giorgio Ferrara, while reiterating his close partnership with Rai, once again Main Media Partner, which in this edition will episode Focuses a lot on music. Also thanks to the cooperation agreements will bind the Festival with two absolutely prestigious orchestras for five years, that of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia, at the festival, president Michele Dall’Ongaro, explained all both its strength, and the Festival in Budapest, directed by Ivan Fisher, who held the inaugural concert on Friday 25 June at the Piazza Duomo selected early twentieth century French writers, Milhaud, Satie, Ravel.

Of course, a lot of classical repertoire, but not just because there will indeed be something for everyone, assuring the French director, from Brad Melhdau’s poetic jazz to the pollution of Francesco Tristano, from Piazza Duomo, on July 3, will bring Bach closer to electronics. In tribute to Stravinskij during the 50th anniversary of his death – one of the two focus of the Festival with Dante – Santa Cecilia, the orchestra and the choir at the piazza duomo on June 27 with Oedipus rex do Pascal Rophé directing except for the main cast ‘from Allan Clayton to Anna Caterina Antonacci, from Andrea Mastroni to Mikhail Petrenko and John Irvin. Convincing them, Veaute smiled, not hard: “They are all very happy to go back to singing” …. A valid reason for the theater, will see, among other things, home Psychoanalysis Massimo Recalcati about Bill. His “Amen” debuted as a playwright. On the centennial anniversary of Strehler’s birth, his wife Andrea Jonasson reminisces about his life, including letters, notes, and texts, along with Monica Guerritore and Margherita di Rauso. And again, in the 700 years since Dante’s death, Piero Maccarinelli explored the content of Divine Comedy, while in the movie version, Lucia Ronchetti made her new debut, Inferno, played by Kay Voges. and directing Markus Lobbes. Many names for the dance, from the chromosome of Moura Merzouki capable of combining baroque with tarantella and even hip hop to young French-Portuguese choreographer Flora Detraz, who explores the relationship between Voice and motion, up to classic of classics, Swan Lake reread by Angelin Prelijocaj. Unfortunately, however, only in the video The Spring Ceremony / Apartments by Germaine Acogny and Malou Airaudo presented by Sadler’s Wells, Pina Bausch and co-produced by Festival dei Due Mondi would be: “bad The worst of the pandemic has forced his mass suspension on stage, ”said Veaute painfully. He assured that there would still be a documentary to evoke its appeal.

After so many dreams of a real bath again: the “digital stage” will definitely have to accompany the “real stage” this time. Even if everyone’s hope is that the minister’s wishes will come true when he says that online is “only one integration”. An actual program is an executed program.



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