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From our community: Twilio country director for cloud-based call centers, Indonesia’s technology transformation and more …

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Read on for the best uses of AI for marketing, social commerce tips from China, and drone red dots in Southeast Asia.

Rise of the Indonesian startup ecosystem in the words of former GoPay CEO Aldi Haryopratomo by Jackie Carmel CEO at Endeavor Catalyst

“Following in the footsteps of SEA Group – currently the only Southeast Asian technology company listed on US exchanges – we anticipate at least two to three Indonesian tech companies will seek to list their shares. in the US within the next 12 months, including the first two companies. – list of IPOs between the US and Indonesia.

“Something big” going on in Indonesia’s tech ecosystem is not surprising, but it’s a significantly different fact from just ten years ago.

An entrepreneur who has been present in the Indonesian technology transformation step is Aldi Haryopratomo, one of the first Endeavor entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

Haryopratomo built his first Mapan startup in 2009. In 2017, Mapan was acquired by Gojek, where he became the CEO of GoPay and built Indonesia’s leading fintech unicorn. Aldi left GoPay earlier this year and is currently mentoring a slew of new entrepreneurs. We had a chance to talk to him about his experiences. ”

Edutech in SEA is ripe to accelerate. This is why they can help build a more inclusive society by Prerna A Jhunjhunwala, founder of Creative Galileo

“There is a significant untapped opportunity for e-learning products and services to deliver quality learning programs to under-served, traditional communities. This potential is slowly being realized, with $ 480 million in venture capital allocated to Southeast Asian edutech startups over the past five years – including 200 individual investments.

With a deep interest in making education as accessible as possible, especially in my elementary years, I launched Creative Galileo in July 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Creative Galileo is an e-learning app that combines education and entertainment to provide personalized learning experiences for children aged three to eight.

Our aim is to leverage technology to focus on personalized needs, demand-based learning methods and experiential activities, delivering a fun, interactive curriculum. “

Emerging technology and trends

The need for hours: How cloud-based call centers will equip startups in a post-pandemic world by Kristen Pimpini, Country Director, ANZ Twilio Inc

“The liaison centers are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 attack. Organizations of all sizes and from most industries have been asked to move their on-site call centers to home work environments.

This comes with an unprecedented spike in customer requests, putting additional pressure on contact center operators.

The contact center field experience in COVID-19 is a guide for startup founders who want to keep their lines of communication open with customers and stakeholders as they scale.

Similar tools that allow large contact centers to pivot and adapt during a global crisis can be used by startup founders to build flexible and flexible customer communication platforms. active. “

The drone perspective: how Red Dot Drone is realizing Singapore’s dream of becoming a smart nation by Deon Tan, community outreach director at Block71 Singapore

“The Ministry of Transport is also in the process of developing safety regulations to designate drone flight spaces for local drone enthusiasts. During our ongoing fight against dengue, the National Environment Agency (NEA) deployed drones to inspect roof gutters in dengue red zones.

In 2017, 300 drones flew into the sky on Singapore’s birthday and produced a spectacular light show at the touch of a button. At BLOCK71 Singapore, Red Dot Drone (RDD), a drone software technology startup, is taking this technology further by combining the power of artificial intelligence with airplanes. rider to provide advanced services in data imaging and innovative videography.

This month, I spoke with Akira Hirakawa, a native Japanese drone specialist and RDD co-founder, to discuss the startup’s upcoming plans for the space. This revolutionary new one in a niche market. “

Why do business leaders need to understand 5G to exploit its full potential by ST Liew, VP at Qualcomm Technologies Inc

“Singapore has made a strategic investment in digitization, such as the recent announcement of its Emerging Technologies Program and Digital Leadership Program, highlighting the need to commercialize innovations and adopt technical solutions. digital.

These new programs, together with the recent announcement by the Infocomm Communications Development Agency (IMDA) of S $ 30 million (US $ 22 million) fund to accelerate 5G adoption and commercialization, bring Take a positive step forward for the adoption and deployment of the new enterprise wireless standard.

However, based on a recent survey conducted by Qualcomm, many business leaders in Singapore must find a way to better understand the benefits of 5G and how to maximize this new wireless standard across industries. . Understanding the role of 5G is crucial as it has broad implications for how technology will be applied. “

How private and public player interoperability will drive the CBDC Race by Sky Guo, CEO and Co-Founder of Cypherium

“The Central Bank’s digital currency (CBDC) is one of the most important developments in the digital currency space and the future of the financial industry.

Since they are backed by the central banks of their respective countries, they will have a much higher degree of reliability than the existing stablecoins, increasing the likelihood of digital currencies being adopted. series. Central banks around the world are currently working on piloting and developing their CBDCs.

There are a number of reasons why CBDCs are considered a top priority for central banks.

However, some infrastructure systems will be required to prevent money laundering, such as the ability to track money and identify users making these transactions (KYC infrastructure), and protect privacy (must be balanced in terms of government access to information citizens).

Only the most advanced countries have data centers and processors to do this at the moment. “

Marketing and customer experience

3 AI-based digital marketing strategies your startup needs right now by David Fairfull, CEO and Co-Founder, Metigy

“Thanks to software democratization, AI tools play a key role in leveling the playing field, helping small businesses reduce manual work, automate processes, and improve efficiency.

According to the Forbes report, the results speak for itself, with 52% of marketers increasing in sales and another 51% noticing an increase in customer retention since the introduction of AI capabilities. into the ecosystem, according to Forbes.

Knowing how best to integrate AI into your digital marketing strategy can be overwhelming, but it’s a much more seamless process than many realize. Here, we share how SMEs can use AI to amplify marketing efforts to drive customer engagement and brand awareness.

Take advantage of social e-commerce to maximize your brand in China by Charlene Ree, founder and CEO of EternityX

“Social e-commerce allows the social aspect of offline shopping, which is almost impossible to replicate in traditional e-commerce. It creates consumer communities of similar values, interests, and tastes, helps to strengthen brand loyalty, leads to higher conversions and repeat purchases.

To effectively leverage social e-commerce, companies must evolve from traditional social seeding tactics to more precisely programmed social e-commerce strategies built on top of Deeper understanding of consumers.

Below, we’ve put together our tips for capitalizing on the social e-commerce trend in China. The first thing you need to do is learn about the unique and complex digital ecosystem in China, which is very different from other regions of the world. Understand the different social media platforms in China and their differences, niches, and demographic reach.

4 intelligent systems to reinforce your CX strategy by Anna Muchnik, outreach management at Itransition

Businesses and SMEs seek to adopt customer experience technologies that can help them gain a holistic view of their customers and optimize the overall customer journey.

One of the key tasks of CX technology is to help a company move from being each department operating independently, creating technology silos, and slowing down the adoption of a customer-centric mindset. An important part of this effort is creating an integrated ecosystem and fostering a collaborative environment by connecting discrete technology systems.

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