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From our community: Ula’s CTO on good technology, Coinhako’s founder story, talent shortage in Southeast Asia and more….

News Wars: Will the tech giants soon reap a lot of money for media content? by Milan Reinartz, Managing Director at iVS

“An important issue of recent times, the anti-trust laws of the US and Europe are seeking to eliminate the large business units of Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google (a space to track).

Much closer to home, in February Australia passed the News Communications Negotiation Act – a law that forces Google and Facebook to negotiate rates with news companies and pay for content for them.

Or the terms cannot be met, the platforms may be forced to have a price set by independent arbitrators. And the ripples are starting to be felt around the world as far as the United States, who will probably follow suit.

It is the federal government’s first move in the world to protect independent news organizations revenues through legislation, aimed at forcing tech giants to pay for what’s in their search feed. However, does the trend of platform-based distribution prevail, and the few million dollars “news fee” in one market or the other are no more than net water? “

What affects customer attitudes and behavior? by Alex Chatpaitoon, Community Manager, Plug and Play Technology Center

“I am a study in psychology, economics and sociology designed to understand how our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and perceptions affect our buying decisions. Especially why consumers buy products, what they buy and when. In the meantime, you will have no trouble.

Many startups and corporations try to know what influences consumer behavior so they can establish the right target market, find innovative products or services that match their needs. consumers, pricing and setting channels.

Economic and psychological influences, brands, media, motivations, perceptions and cultural factors are the keys to consumer attitudes and behavior ”.

Technology solutions for progress

Good technology: The Ula Way Towards Facilitating Demand for Small Businesses in Emerging Markets by Alan Wong, Co-Founder and CTO in Ula

In fact, one study estimated that 31% of adults in the region were digitally excluded due to factors such as age, poor literacy, inequality and concentration of economic activity in urban areas. If this gap is not addressed, many people will miss out on economic opportunities and their ability to improve their lives.

To build digital innovation solutions to bridge this gap, I believe there are three main areas to consider: Having a customer-centric approach, creating a user-friendly experience. and make the solutions simple. This ultimately empowers everyone to lead a better life. “

AI-based decision-making for the banks of the future by Renny Thomas, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company

“Banks that aim to compete across global and regional markets increasingly affected by the digital ecosystem will need a comprehensive AI and analytics competency platform comprised of four main layers: orange Re-modeled, AI-based decision-making, core technology and data infrastructure, and a state-of-the-art operational model.

The layers of the AI ​​banking capabilities stack are interdependent and must work synchronously to deliver value, as discussed in the first article in our series on future AI banking. In the second article, we looked at how banks that used AI first re-imagined customer interaction to provide a superior experience across diverse banking platforms and partner ecosystems. “.

The story of the founder

What I learned about entrepreneurship came from my journey as a co-founder of Coinhako by Yusho Liu, co-founder of Coinhako

“When Coinhako launched, cryptocurrency was largely an unfamiliar piece of technology in Asia. Surrounded by novelty and unfamiliarity, securing the interest of investors in Singapore and Asia has proven to be a real challenge. Eng and I realized that we had to look outside of Asia to build the momentum needed to advance our startup.

The early years were challenging as the crypto market faced very low interest from the public. We have to rely on financial resources and strict resource management to help us get through. On the other hand, the 2017 bull run opened up major changes in cryptocurrency trading and proved to be a major breakthrough for us.

Start-up Foodtech Next Gen Foods shares the secrets behind a successful, fundraising expansion by Co Tran, a communications collaborator at FEBE Ventures

“Founder’s Podcast series on Founder explores stories of outstanding entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia about their journeys, insights and tips on running a tech company.

Featured in this episode is Andre Menezes, co-founder of Next Gen Foods, who will share his story from an engineer to an entrepreneur and his insight into mid-pandemic startup. “

The future of Singapore

Why Singapore has become a technology hub is such a big driver for the proptech sector by Race Wong, Co-Founder and CPO of Ohmyhome

“80% of the world’s top 100 technology companies have regional headquarters in the country, according to the Economic Development Commission (EDB) of Singapore. Some notable ones include industry giants like Google, Alibaba, Grab, SEA and PayPal.

As more and more global tech players flock to Singapore’s shores, a rise in digital platforms could be approaching. This makes us wonder: Can Singapore become the next tech mecca of Silicon Valley? “

Is Singapore the “Delaware” of Southeast Asia? by Andrea Baronchelli, co-founder and CEO at Aspire

“Seeing our fellow directors encounter the same problem, we solved it ourselves and created a comprehensive solution that streamlines the founding process for Southeast Asian founders.

Earlier this year, we launched a line of solutions, Aspire Kickstart, to equip startups with everything they need to launch their businesses in Singapore.

In just 10 minutes through a 100% digital registration process, foreign directors can combine their city-state companies and get a corporate bank account at the same time. “

Technological talent and skill enhancement

Why did I leave a budding career in America to help ambitious developers in the Philippines by Derick David, Co-Founder and CEO at Hikre School

“The pandemic and the shutdown have given more Filipinos access to information online. According to Ookla, the global broadband speed monitoring system, the Philippines ranks 83rd in terms of mobile speed as of February 2021, thus providing more ways for more Filipinos to access the Internet.

The need to help Filipinos seek opportunities in mobile software and product development led to my idea of ​​bringing a part of Silicon Valley to the Philippines.

Is Southeast Asia facing a tech talent crisis amid rapid growth? by Paul Endacott, Managing Director at GRIT Search

“The recruitment market is currently the hot spot of the region. The human resources market is on the rise, with a forecast of growth of over US $ 10 billion between 2020 and 2024. After a challenging year for employers, this rebound comes as a relief as normal orders continue.

However, there is one tricky point. As businesses continue to operate and hiring is ramped up to keep pace with demand, the market is witnessing new recruiting trends that are shaped in the face of adversity.

But what does this mean for employers looking for top talent, particularly in tech? “

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