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Garden Jobs To Do In The Early Summer

Now that the weather is changing, there is no reason to quit those horticultural jobs. There are plenty of gardening jobs early in the summer and it’s important to always maintain your garden – little and often is the key.

Whether it’s trimming, weeding or upgrading your gardening equipment such as pressure washer And the lawn mower, so much more to do. Best wire in kids to help out!

Garden work for early summer

Summer bed sheets

Ne’er made an impact until he could die, as the saying goes. Be careful because the risk of late frosts may not be rather the past – almost though. This means you can grow tender summer mats as well as vegetables like bok choy and tomatoes.

If there seems to be a sudden frost on the horizon, the tender saplings can be protected with a temporary layer of fleece in the garden.

If there was a very dry spell (remember last year’s heat wave?!), Fully water all newly planted plants and shrubs.

In the vegetable garden

If you have planted the seeds before, then it’s time to thin them – carrots, beets, and palanquin.

Remove vegetables and lettuce early and replant beds.

Feed the tomato plant and water it regularly, along with peppers, eggplants and cucumbers.

Use a net to keep the bird away from any tender fruit.

Flowers and shrubs

This is the time of year when you really need to mow and weed, especially during wet rains.

Prune the shrubs that need it if they have finished flowering.

Spray roses and cut off any pepper flowers in the rock garden. You can also cuttings of any plant you want to increase the number of your crops.

Cut off sturdy geraniums after they first flower to encourage them to flower again.

Prune all plants regularly to encourage more flowering.

Water your plants if there is a prolonged drought – otherwise, soak all plants thoroughly once a week.

In the greenhouse

Alan Titchmarsh Suggest that you should paint liquid shade on the outside of the greenhouse.

Be sure to regularly feed and water the plants in pots.

If you are growing tomatoes, feed them after the first pods appear and continue to feed them every two weeks.

You may also need to wash and tidy any garden furniture that has been languishing outdoors waiting for the sun to return, and provide clean barbecue to prepare for the picnic.

Above all, now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor while creating beautiful fragrant displays for everyone to enjoy.

There are plenty of gardening jobs early in the summer – just spend some time relaxing with a cool drink in the sun. I know I will. I can even buy a hammock.


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