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Garrone, cruel and compromised childhood, this is how Gomorrah still lives – Cinema

Matteo Garrone’s film Gomorrah won the Grand Jury Award at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, in which Roberto Saviano walked proudly in a Croisette with an escort, Paolo Sorrentino with Il Divo. Winning the Jury Award and a peerless protagonist Toni Servillo in both, is a masterpiece. And this everyone knows, it is no coincidence that it is among the most awarded Italian works. But after 13 years “he hasn’t aged a day, he’s still very contemporary”.
The director, who has two technical nominations (Makeup and costume) in competition for an Oscar with his latest Pinocchio film, reflects on a film that changed his life in many ways. And he set himself up on a mission: “Let the kids know the movie, it’s not the homophobic drama they love so much,” he said with a smile and introduced Gomorra New. Edition, a new version aired on Rai3 during golden hour. later Friday 16 April on RaiPlay and available on DVD and Blu-ray from April 14, distributed by Eagle Pictures for 01 Distribution. For the young Gomorrah, it was Ciro and Genny, Schianel and Imma Savastano, who knew about the tailor (Salvatore Cantalupo, unfortunately passed away), who taught the Chinese to counterfeit Italian-made, about Maria. , who received the ‘mesata’ at Vele di Scampia, of Franco (Servillo), who poisoned the Land of Fire with the toxic waste of the North, by Marco (Marco Macor) and Pisellino (Ciro Petrone), two children with The Scar-Face mythology thinks they could do it on their own without Casalesi and they end up underground. A story that chills you every time you see it. “They stopped me on the way – Garrone said – and congratulated me on the series.” Then came curiosity: “I watched the movie with my teenage son, he didn’t understand what it was, it was very impressive, attracted and changed. So the idea of ​​a new version. , reviving Gomorra for a new audience, rediscovering scene after scene its reality and at the same time eternal: inside Gomorrah – he replies to ANSA – there are essential and universal themes, age Abused poetry, conflicts, difficulties in life, violence surround us Black fairy tale with great visual power, a border realism with science fiction, but instead it’s a reality like the reality that ambitious Camorra kids go through, the kids are not fully aware, they’re even very naive.a archetype, he arouses any Any audience for topics is always close to us “.
Thanks to Saviano’s novel, “I thank Fandango once again for giving me the opportunity to make a movie about it.” So Garrone got back to work: “I inserted explanatory markers at the beginning of each of the five stories to make the movie easier to understand, I inserted chair shots to contextualize it. better yet, I cut back 7 scenes, made 50 cuts and shortened the 10-minute movie. Basic and concurrent interventions invisible. ” “It’s a very current movie,” stressed Paolo Del Brocco, CEO of Rai Cinema, while Fandango’s Domenico Procacci recalls the creation of the work. “We were reading Saviano’s manuscript with the Fandango publisher, awaiting answers from various publishers. We liked it right away, but Mondadori won over it, but we played to the edge. And we got the mining right as soon as possible. For Garrone, who did it. To us, Embalmer was proposed, so it all started. ” And during filming, on set in Scampia, Garrone met Nunzia De Stefano, “my son’s mother” – along with Nevia, he made a very high debut in 2019 – and so There are also personal reasons that bind him to Gomorra and these places where “I feel at home and where before I go I expect to find the bad and the good, while the reality is less obvious. much more”. The near future is that the movie has not found a story yet, a story of “heartless, irresistible back-to-back love story will make a TV series in the future, but for now we are not talking about it, I want to make a movie theaters and from filmmakers, I hope the theater will reopen, I love to watch movies there, I have this romantic idea. At the time of Gomorrah’s movie design, Garrone and Domenico Procacci talked about making a series, “but the times are not yet ripe. In hindsight, I would be happy to do Gomorra 1 and Gomorra 2 , turning our journey into an almost living world, we are invisible in. There is still a sense of inability to explore many of the book’s other topics, the story of Don Diana fascinated me very much. many, as well as the feminine side of the Camorra ”.
Meanwhile, on April 25 there was an Oscar appointment: “I enjoy happiness with two historic nominations – make-up and hair-and-outfit – for an Italian indie film, no The background or the expert behind it, there’s no one to put Hollywood, something really unique, you have to go back 50 years to have an Italian movie go this way. “You regret not being Italian. choose not? “For now, the last thing I will do is an argument, I will never do it, it will be bad.” (HANDLING).



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