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Gasoline: it rose for 20 weeks, green to 1,579 euros – Economy

Gasoline prices increased again, continuously for 20 weeks. According to the latest survey by the Ministry of Economic Development, self-service green space reached 1,579 euros / liter (average price nationwide), up 1.3 cents from the previous week. Diesel is also on the rise, – again in homemade mode – to a national average of 1,445 euros per liter. Prices have risen since the first week of November 2020.

During the first week of November (based on data from Mise’s survey on the 9th of the month), gas prices stood at 1,378 euros / liter in self-sufficient mode. Compared to the current 1,579 euros, the increase is 14.5 percent. On the other hand, the price of diesel fuel increased by 15.7%, from € 1,249 in early November to € 1,445 in today’s survey in the past week.

With the fuel craze, a 50-liter barrel costs 63 cents more for gasoline and 45 cents more on diesel in seven days. Since the beginning of the year, that is, from the January 4 survey, a 50-liter barrel has increased by 6 euros and 86 cents for gasoline and by 6 euros and 30 cents for diesel, with an increase of 9.5 percent. On an annual basis, an increase of 165 euros per year for gasoline and 151 euros for diesel. These are National Consumers Union calculations based on Mise’s latest fuel price surveys. Then, from 9 November, in just over 4 months there has been a sharp increase of 14.5% for gasoline and 15.7% for diesel. The association points out that for a full 50-liter tank the burden is about 10 euros: 10 euros and 2 cents for gasoline and 9 euros and 81 cents for diesel. The UNC concluded: “On an annual basis, each car is beaten at 241 euros per year on gasoline and 236 euros for diesel engines”.


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