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GCG Asia Media Group Launches Forex Trading News Platform Targeting Wave of Millennial Investors – Press Releases

HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / June 25, 2021 / Financial media group GCG Asia Media announced plans to launch a new forex trading platform in the last quarter of 2021. GCG Asia Media Founder and CEO Lee Siew said in an official announcement that the new platform, FX Insider Asia, will add value and diversification to the media group’s stable of digital media properties.

GCG Asia Media Founder and CEO Lee Siew Yee

“We are excited to announce the upcoming roll out of yet another addition to the digital financial news space. GCG Asia Media is proud to be a leading provider of finance and investment news in Asia, consistently providing investors with valuable insights and the latest news,” said GCG Asia Media Founder and CEO Lee Siew Yee.

GCG Asia Media’s forex trading news website will cover forex news, finance and business with an Asian focus, as well as trends, transformation and innovation in business and finance. FX Insider Asia aims to provide the latest news that impact markets in Asia, particularly spotlighting impacts on Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, and other markets in South-East Asia and East Asia.

“Since the company’s inception in 2017, GCG Asia Media has been on a mission to provide quality coverage in Asian business and finance news. We have been steadily growing and gaining ground and increasing our reach. We are proud to say many of the top industry leaders in capital markets in Asia are avid followers and readers of our properties,” said GCG Asia Media Founder and CEO Lee Siew Yee.

GCG Asia Media sees the tremendous growth in Asian financial and capital markets as ample opportunities to scale the group’s media business and expand its target audience to reach more Asian youth. Mirroring trends in major economies, millennials have swarmed the stock markets driving a boom in retail participation across Asian and South-East Asian markets.

The retail investing boom has also driven up demand for brokers and wealth management platforms. GCG Asia Media sees an opportunity to cater to this growing demand in different ways, beginning with the launch of FX Asia Insider which it sees as adding diversification to its stable of other properties that cater to different audiences and readership segments.

“Attracting a youth readership will be a key driver of growth for GCG Asia Media properties. Hence, our coverage will be geared towards movements in global investments, forex trading, technology trends such as in fintech and digital banking which can capture interest in this digital age. Apart from Hong Kong, we have established excellent teams in our newsrooms based in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia so we have our fingers on the pulse of what’s going on in the ground,” said GCG Asia Media Founder and CEO Lee Siew Yee.


Also in the cards to capitalise on youth retail participation, GCG Asia Media will roll out financial and investor training under its academy and education subsidiary. The academy will offer online courses geared towards new investors who want training in forex trading, commodities, equities and indices to start.

“We know that with the rise of youth investors, who are digitally savvy as well as searching for global investing knowledge, there is space to offer quality education and training for them. We have a depth of knowledge through our business and finance intelligence unit, so we see this as a synergistic use of our resources,” said GCG Asia Media Founder and CEO Lee Siew Yee.

GCG Asia Media is backed by Guardian Capital Finance Group, a financial services conglomerate. Aside from media websites, GCG Asia Media provides business intelligence services with in-depth insights, data and analysis of digital related business and finance such as fintech, social, mobile and Internet of Things.

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GCG Asia Media group is a business and finance media group operating in markets across Asia with monthly unique visitors of over 100 million across all media platforms.

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