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GemDAO: The Next Hidden Gem of Defi 2.0! – Press Releases

GemDAO is a breakthrough support protocol built on top of Binance Smart Chain and acting as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) aimed at everyone who loves meme projects on launchpads like Pinksale, Gempad, Unicrypt…

GemDAO was built with the team’s desire to build an ecosystem to help the GemDAO community evaluate, access, and invest in projects supported by GemDAO, or the community’s choice.

Gemdao was built with a team of experienced developers and is backed by reputable and trusted advisors in the blockchain space. With this potential, GemDAO is considered a jewel in the DAO ecosystem, the project helps investors to connect and build a strong crypto community.

GemDAO will contain 4 functions:

1-GemNFT: Members have the right to buy NFTs, use them to get whitelist slots for projects launched on Gempad, Pinksale, Unicrypt… In addition, NFT holders will be permanent shareholders of GemDao. Profits from Deals investments are also shared among NFT holders

NFTs are divided into four levels; The higher the level, the more profit you get

2-GemShark: Projects can connect to get reviews from GemShark, a highly experienced team at GemDao. After the evaluation process, GemShark will invest in and support the marketing of products on GemDao’s massive social media and communities. Profits from investments are partially distributed to NFT holders (GemDao shareholders) and token holders of GemDao.

3 gem vote: Members have voting rights to overrule or change GemDAO’s decision. All projects that GemDAO wants to invest in must go through a community voting round and own GemDAO’s token.

4-GemPoS: GemDAO will have a mobile app called GemPOS where anyone can mine GemDAO tokens for free. Each year 1% of the total supply can be mined and distributed evenly to all GemDAO miners. This can help the GemDAO community to grow quickly and organically. All projects invested by GemShark are promoted in GemPoS app.


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