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Germany, the Green choose Baerbock as the candidate for prime minister 2021 – Europe

Annalena Baerbock is the candidate for the prime minister of the Greens party, for the September 26 election that will open the position of Angela Merkel. This was announced by Robert Habeck, chairman of Greens.
Analena Baerbock said: “Today started a new chapter for our party” and in the case of a “victory for our country”, Analena Baerbock commented on the party’s election decision.

“It was a special day in the history of the Green Party and in our history,” Habeck said, pointing out that he has “built a new style of party management. We think that has done well. for the party”. “I’ve always wanted this power to live,” he emphasized. “We both want to do it, but only one can,” he said.

Meanwhile, the rivalry between the leaders of the German conservative faction for prime minister continues: the night summit in the Bundestag, between Markus Soeder (CSU) and Armin Laschet (CDU), has ended. to no avail. And today, the two governors, from last night in Berlin, will continue to clash in a game that is tearing apart the so-called Alliance. If none of them stepped back, tomorrow might pass the word to the congressmen, where Soeder of Bavaria had the upper hand. Young people of Junge Union (JU) also wait in line for him.


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