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Get farm-to-table meat delivered to your home at a discounted price, perfect for anyone on a protein diet

We all need energy to thrive.

April 10, 2021

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Eating well is an important factor for a healthy, energetic life. All dish You put it in your stomach becoming the fuel you need to drive your business to the top, so you should think seriously about what you’re eating. If you love red meat, then United Harvest’s Premium meat box from farm to dining table Clean, socially conscious meat that you should enjoy.

United Harvest brings together a community of like-minded and enthusiastic farmers and manages a food service directly to consumers with no middlemen. With unrivaled level of transparency from farm to table, United Harvest makes sure you know exactly where your meat is coming from and gives you peace of mind that it hasn’t gone through some worse performance. in the US meat industry. United Harvest partners with small, reliable farms that use regenerative and ethical methods to feed healthier, happier animals. No GMOs, no hormones, no pesticides, and no antibiotics. All meat is packaged at the source, rapidly frozen to keep it fresh and delivered to your home within 72 hours for a seamless, delicious experience.

United Harvest offers a number of different box options.

You can get Regale lovers, which includes two 0.8lb Oregon Angus NY Strip steaks, two Oregon Angus sirloin steaks 1.25lb, and four pounds of Oregon Angus and Wagyu ground beef for 6% off the $ 159 price tag at $ 149.

Have one Medium sampling plate, which includes two 0.8 lb Oregon Angus NY strip steak, one 2.6 lb Oregon Angus sirloin, two 1 pound Hutterite sirloin, 1.6 lbs Hutterite Pork Baby Back Ribs, four pound scoop Oregon Angus and Wagyu Beef Briquettes are 12 percent off $ 205 at $ 179.

In the end, you can get away with Large sampling plate, that includes everything in the Medium Sampler Platter – but more – for 14% off $ 280 off $ 239.

Prices are subject to change.



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