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Getting access to real-time job data insight is easier with JobsPikr – Press Releases

JobsPikr fuels authentic data insights necessary to make strategic decisions. It also enables one to identify problems and make an informed choice. JobsPikr is a smart system that gathers and exhibit data insights that help policymakers make effective decisions.

March 18, 2022 – In today’s time, having an insight into reliable data is a driving force to facilitate economic growth at different levels. It is important to understand that having a grasp of valuable data analysis can act as the building blocks necessary to create comprehensible models that visualize what is happening in different parts of the industry. However, with an ever-changing job market, it’s crucial to keep updated with the latest happenings, and real-time insight into data helps analyze that job market information.

Having genuine insight into data can impact methodology and influence decisions of individuals and corporate firms, as well as support government assessment. However, in order to reap the maximum benefits out of those facts and figures, one should be well-acquainted with how to exercise that information in various domains. According to a survey by Deloitte, 49 percent of respondents say that analytics helps them make effective decisions, 16 percent believe that it enables key strategic initiatives, and 10 percent say it helps them enhance bonding with both clients and business associates. 

JobsPikr Insights is one such remarkable platform that offers a clear insight into the ever-changing labor market and produces comprehensive data points for workforce planning companies, management consulting firms, private equity firms, academia, government, and industry bodies, further helping them make strategic decisions. Its comprehensive data visualization platform provides relevant insights while eliminating the need to download millions of data records. Moreover, this quick and simple standalone enterprise-ready solution doesn’t disrupt one’s existing processes, and even with zero technical knowledge, one can conveniently use this tool. To create a vivid picture of the labor market, JobsPikr Insights uses a three-dimensional approach to data: digital data collection, machine learning-based inference of data points that are hidden in job descriptions like salary, years of experience, etc., and standardizing job ads as per O*NET SOC occupation taxonomy.

Understanding what is happening at different locations and in different fields is essential to implementing effective solutions. A smart collection of data analysis systems is vital to examine trends, make effective decisions, and also save one’s valuable time. JobsPikr’s data-driven solution provides real-time actionable insights that gather and produces data in a way that is easy to access, navigate, and align with today’s job market. Its AI and ML models give one the flexibility to slice and dice the data so that they get the accurate information necessary to make significant evaluations.

Compared to traditional methods of data collection and analysis, JobsPikr’s framework is prompt and delivers information that is accurate and authentic. It scrutinizes more than 75,000 websites to extract data points like titles, specific occupations, skills, qualifications, etc. With its real-time job market insight, this platform also helps to track both macro and microeconomic trends in employment. This further aids EdTech, HRTech, workforce agencies, and other policymakers to identify problems, track demand for skills and jobs in the current market, and make informed choices.

These fine-grained labor data insights are practically beneficial for designing new and standard programs and curriculums that are going to levitate and also for casting aside obsolete concepts. Using JobsPikr’s labor insight, decision-makers can identify which relevant sectors or geographical locations are highly in demand and make significant decisions to power strategic initiatives and policies.

About Us:

Relying on labor market analytics is the future as we keep pace with the change in the job market. JobsPikr is a comprehensive labor market analytics & data feed platform for the global market. We aggregate, deduplicate, process job postings data into industry-standard categorizations using cutting-edge machine learning technologies and provide visualized insights.

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