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Giorgetti: Probably reopening on CDM next week – Chronicle

“The decision on reopening is likely to be made next week by the Council of Ministers.” So Economic Development Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti, during a meeting in Mise with representatives of the Fipe-Confcommercio, took over after the extraordinary meeting held at the Piazza San Silvestro in Rome regarding 21 Piazza d. ‘Italia. The minister, while saying that it is impossible to say for sure the reopening date, however stressed that the indicators are improving and “perhaps May will be a month of reopening”.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi “was the first to say ‘reopen.’ But we must not reopen to receive a few more votes, we must safely reopen without being forced to close the door.” This was said by the Minister in charge of regional affairs Mariastella Gelmini Tgcom24 reiterated that “we must not let ourselves be too hasty” even if re-opening has to be done “in the shortest possible time”. May “will be the reopening month of all economic activity,” he added.

“I am in favor of reopening. We have improved the data, the R0 has fallen and it is likely that it will continue to decline this week as well.” Hence, “consolidate the results, Starting May 1, we can talk about reopening“. Deputy Health Minister Pierpaolo Sileri said this during the Agorà broadcast on Rai 3, but stressed that “we must check the data and keep what we earn, so that there is no danger of closing down right away”. Therefore, no, to predict the reopening before April 30, but if the number of declines consolidates, drops below the rate of 180 cases per 100 thousand residents, “from May 1, we may return to brighter colors of the Regions and some will be able to return to pure white. ”Against this backdrop, the reopening of restaurants in the evening in Sileri“ may be feasible, not from May 1, but going week after week, until early June will open the English model. “He pointed out, this is a prediction guided by vaccination: when If you have vaccinated 75% of people over 89 years of age and over 70 years old, and with poor health protection, admission to intensive care will be a sporadic event, so even if the virus is circulating. it does not have serious consequences on the health system. ”Compared to the current epidemic,” each wave has a lifespan of 50-70 days, we have passed the third peak “, ICU enrollment” decreased and infected. same thing “while” reducing the number of deaths soon happened “because people over 80 years old, over 70 years old and frail we are vaccinating, even if they only get the first dose, probably” won’t have to go special care or hospital “.

“Reducing the restriction will only be possible with daily infections of less than 5,000 cases, maintaining large testing capacity and continuing to track contacts to control the spread of outbreaks, Intensive Covid and medical sector hospital admissions are largely below the critical threshold.40% and 30%, and immunization completed at least for the sick and those over 60, who have the highest risk of hospitalization and death “. Some medical unions write it down for the government: Anaao Assomed; Cimo Fesmed; Aaroi-Emac; Fassid (Aipac, Aupi, Simet, Sinafo, Snr); Dr. Fp Cgil and NHS manager; Fvm Federation of Doctors and Veterinary Medicine; Uil Fpl National Coordinator for the medical, veterinary and health contracting areas; Doctors Cisl. For workers’ organizations, “any early relaxation of restrictions could endanger the lives of Covid-19 patients, forcing operators to make choices. difficulties from the ethical point of view, such as inverse allocation, due to lack of bed Health of patients with other pathologies, for which prevention and treatment are at risk of being sacrificed again due to underestimation “The persistent high virus risk, which the National Health Service’s regulators and regulators have long put forward, does not hear, all of the possible warnings.” “The third time, after the second peak of the fall epidemic, health workers were forced to make more sacrifices, even risk personal health, and face continuous overwork. customs weakened their resistance, ”commented trade unions.



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