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Giorgia, 50 years still love each other – Music

The cheerful atmosphere and harp smile never left her, even as Giorgia was preparing for the turning point of 50 years. She made them on April 26, 1971 school year and what’s important, as she herself wrote on social media a while ago, “is still in love”.
Fifty years, much of his time spent and spent on music, passion is infused with DNA (and for the registry, his name is linked to Ray Charles’s song “Georgia On My Mind”) by father Giulio Todrani, member of singing duo Juli & Julie and founder of “I want black”. So much so that, according to the story, the first recording of the voice will become one of the most important (but not the only) voices on an Italian scene in 1979, at the age of eight. Since that first single, Giorgia has never stopped. He started joining clubs, with Giorgia Todrani’s Group and with his father’s group. With the versatility in his voice, he ranges from jazz to soul music, he explores blues and rock. Music has no boundaries for vocal acrobatics.
The turning point, from Roman clubs to the national stage, happened in 1994, when 23 years were still unfinished, he presented himself with an atmosphere of dread amidst the Festival’s new Proposals. Sanremo.
He didn’t win (he even reached seventh) but that song didn’t get awarded, And then (bearing his mark with Marco Rinalduzzi and Massimo Calabrese), became one of the big hits most of his and the record he recorded soon sold 180,000 copies, bringing it into the elite of Italian pop music. Only the following year, Ariston got revenge: he joined Big and won with the timeless song Come saprei (and, the first artist to hit a double goal, he also took home the Critic award) . The following year, she returned to the Riviera again with third place (in 2001, she would be second, being invited only a few times over the following years as a guest).
From 1994 to today, that road has been long and full of success. Join Pavarotti & Friends; duets with himself Pavarotti, Sting, Bocelli, Mina, Bryan Adams, Ronan Keating, Nancy Gustafson and Andreas Vollenweider; collaboration with Pino Daniele, Elton John, Herbie Hancock, Ferzan Ozpetek, Roch Voisine, Jovanotti, Eros Ramazzotti, Nicola Piovani, Ornella Vanoni; performances before the pope; seven million copies were sold in Italy alone; various awards, including Nastro d’Argento (for the 2003 Gocce di Memoria, the main theme of La Finestra di Fronte, an Ozpetek film, which will be the most successful single of that year); definition of “The Fourth Biggest Voice in the World”, by authorized US magazine Billboard.
In 2018, after ten unreleased albums, Giorgia took a break from composing her music to reward herself with her first cover album, catching between hits by Jovanotti, Zucchero, Carmen Consoli, and Whitney Houston. Giorgia has gone through the years, the musical genres, the joys and the sorrows. In 2002, he faced the death of former teammate Alex Baroni, who died in a car accident. Over the years he has always kept his memory alive.
Over the years, she has also shown herself for her social commitments: in 2009, she participated in the song Domani April 21, 2009, for the charity after the Abruzzo earthquake, then at the concerts Amiche per l’Abruzzo and in the Italian Loves Emilia 2012 Earthquake.
Now, with concerts being halted due to the pandemic for over a year, he is waiting to play his part on the live show “Una. None.
One hundred thousand “, against gender violence, is scheduled for the following year at Campovolo.



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