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Gold rush back to Grass Valley? The company worked to reopen the Idaho-Maryland mine, but protesters protested – CBS New York

GRASS VALLEY, Calif. (KOVR-TV) – It has been decades since the gold mining country in California has been active, but one Canadian company wants to change that in a city that was once the Gold Rush.

Strolling along Main Street in Grass Valley, store window photos show the town famous for its rich Wild West history and its role in the Gold Rush. That once included the Idaho-Maryland mine, not far from the city center – but not passive since 1956. “At that time, they would double their output, from 1,000 tons per day to 2,000 tons per day. date, ”said Benjamin Mossman, CEO of Rise. The Gold Group is in Grass Valley.

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When he heard this truth, he saw a golden opportunity. Mossman told KOVR-TV in Sacramento: “Based on that, there’s a lot of gold left to mine.

A test drill conducted by the company in 2018 is considered successful, proving some gold is still there. Now, he is working with the district to try to license the area, taking advantage of the prospect of reopening the site as before. Mossman claims it will boost the economy and create hundreds of jobs.

“There is no trade-off between the environment and the job,” says Mossman. “We designed it so that it doesn’t affect the environment.”

But protesters lining the corners of Sutton Road and Brunswick Road in Grass Valley on Thursday, which is also Earth Day, say the opposite. The drivers’ sirens indicated assistance as they stood with their signs for three hours. Among them was Tony Louria, who lived near the mine.

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“Have [sic] Louria said. “We just felt it was not worth it.”

At his Grass Valley home, he showed KOVR-TV how close he lived to the quarry and questioned if the mine was worth it. “Are those jobs worth the destruction going to happen?” Louria asked.

He is concerned about the damage to the water supply in his neighborhood. A water treatment center will need to be built and underground water tunnels will have to be emptied and kept dry prior to construction if the mine is approved and built. The project will cost millions of dollars.

“The benefits of something this high risk will be generated from the support of citizens,” Louria said.

But in spite of neighbors’ worries, Mossman sided with the safety of the mine. “Working in the mines is like working in residential construction,” says Mossman. The company sparked controversy in a community that drilled them with opposition.

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What is next? An environmental impact report will be released in the coming months, which will trigger a period of public consultation – before the county makes a decision.



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