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Good morning British Susanna Reid praises Adil Ray for ‘saving lives’ by vaccinating people of Asian heritage

GOOD Morning, UK’s Susanna Reid praised Adil Ray for “saving lives” by pushing his vaccines to South Asian heritage people.

The presenter, 46, was hailed by name during the government press conference on Tuesday after he was coordinate an online video addressing fake vaccine news.


Adil Ray was praised by Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain

His co-presenter Susanna Reid Praise heap above Fair for his efforts, who said he held the clip with a few texts.

Susanna introduced the segment with: “We talk about the superstars … yesterday at the government briefings, credit was paid to a particular TV star.

“The immunization program has been very successful, but in certain communities it needs a specific push.

“Dr. Nikki Kanani is the general practitioner who was present at the government briefing yesterday to pay homage to a number of individuals.”

Dr. Nikki Kanani is noted "high profile advocates" for their help


Dr. Nikki Kanani credits “high supporters” for their helpCredit: AP

Dr Kanani said during the press conference: “Since we put out our plans in February, the uptake from all ethnic groups has tripled.

“Progress is the direct result of the union of NHS groups that know and understand their communities; community and belief leaders have worked really closely with us; practical considerations of Ramadan and other shades.

“And the support is really strong from celebrities like Bake Off’s Nadiya Hussain, comedian Lenny Henry and TV star Adil Ray. So I want to thank everyone who participated in the effort. This force. You saved your life. “

After the clip, Susanna said: “Well done by the way!”

Adil remained humble in his response


Adil remained humble in his response

“We are all saving lives by taking vaccines,” Adil continued humbly. Good job.

“The Pakistani community, the Bangladeshi community, many ethnic minority communities have increased – four times, five times the capacity to use a vaccine.”

Susanna then praised Adil, saying: “I was deeply moved by the fact that you created it and as a result you saved your life.”

“Part of it, yes. We all have to do something, whether it’s taking care of our neighbors, keeping an eye on our friends, or being stuck at home Saturday night,” Adil said. Seeing low vaccine rates among parts of our community, I texted a few friends. “

Adil in the video encourages people to get vaccinated


Adil in the video encourages people to get vaccinatedCredit: Twitter / adilray
Cricket star Moeen Ali also encourages everyone


Cricket star Moeen Ali also encourages everyoneCredit: Twitter / adilray

A poll earlier this year found that only 57% of blacks, Asians and ethnic minorities would enjoy, compared with 79% of whites.

Comic Romesh Ranganathan and cricketer Moeen Ali are among those in the video that target fake news.

Romesh, a native of Sri Lanka, reassured viewers: “There is no chip or tracking device in the vaccine to keep tracking where you go.

“Your cell phone does a much better job.”

GMB’s Adil Ray chuckled at Kate Garraway’s cheeky allusion as she ate toast in front of the camera.



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