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Google pushes its data centers towards carbon-free – Hi-Tech

“Within a decade, we aim to make every Google data center, cloud sector, and campus run entirely on renewable energy. I am proud to announce that our five data centers in Denmark, Finland, Iowa, Oklahoma and Oregon currently operate 90% carbon-free energy, “said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet. Earth Day, celebrated today, April 22.

Already in 2017 and for the fourth year in a row, Google has made its energy consumption coincide with 100% renewable energy. The US giant has invested $ 4 billion in the purchase of clean energy in more than 50 wind and solar projects globally, by 2034 and has a goal by 2030, using complete energy. full carbon free 24 hours a day, seven days out of seven days. The CEO continued: “In September 2020, we are committed to proposing new ways in which our products can help 1 billion people make sustainable choices.

“Soon, Google Maps will default to selecting the route with the lowest carbon emissions and will allow comparisons of relative carbon emissions of different routes. Already a number of our products, such as Nest thermostats, allow customers to save billions of kWh in energy ». Recently, Big G has integrated Timelapse function into Google Earth, showing how many areas on our planet have been altered after climate change, deforestation and severe urbanization.


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