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Government Guidelines, 672 daily doses at vaccination sites – Chronicle

12 hours open for territorial irregular vaccination points (Pvts) and up to 8 hours in mobile spots. This is foreseen in a document on the structure and organization of PVTS developed by government technicians, which will be illustrated for the Regions tomorrow.
In the documentation, the goals include “identifying the minimum essential requirements, both general and type-specific, that characterize unusual vaccination sites across the territory”, such as the size of the facility. . Inside, “from the entrance to carry out vaccination”, there will be a stay of about 10 minutes.

A rhythm of 672 vaccinations per day at the largest ‘abnormal vaccination sites across the territory’, where 8 line of administration are expected. This is foreseen by a document on the organization and structure of immunization sites that will be illustrated by government technical officers for the Regions tomorrow. Could be the reference for local immunization capacity building. ”Facilities vary according to number of staff employed, vaccination lines and space: primary, secondary and mobile .


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