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Governor Cuomo questions if Mayor De Blasio’s Police Reform Plan is enough to tackle gun violence in NYC – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) As gun violence continues to rage in New York City, Governor Andrew Cuomo question whether Major Bill de BlasioEnough police reform plans are in place to keep the city safe.

New York City was unable to stop gun violence. Just ask Evette Lilley, 12-year-old nephew was shot in the chest Just a few days ago.

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“It keeps happening and nothing is done,” she said. “The guns need to go on the street.”

Or a Bronx resident who lives near a construction site where a woman was shot dead two days ago.

“In my most fanciful dreams, I never thought something like this could happen,” he said.

Join the governor, in anticipation of the possibility that he will use his powers to help fix things.

“You won’t see New York City coming back until people believe New York City is safe,” says Cuomo. “You won’t see the New York City economy recover until people believe the New York City area is safe.”

The Governor is questioning whether the state of de Blasio will ask police reform Adequate planning to tackle gun violence.

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“Gun crime and the proliferation of crime are frightening. I hear about it all the time, and the question is is the police reformation enough? ”Cuomo said.

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As CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reports, if Cuomo rejects the plan, he can withhold state aid for New York City or appoint an outside supervisor.

City Hall responded to the mayor’s spokesman saying, “The overall crime rate has decreased in New York City and I will not take a serious look at crime from a trusted person charged with assault. Public sexuality, a felony. “

Overall crime is down 12.7% so far, but gun crime has skyrocketed.

The number of shooting victims increased 52.3% with 335 people this year compared with 220 last year.

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The governor said he will wait until next week to announce whether he will accept New York City’s reform plans and those submitted by about 400 other localities.



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