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Grand National 2021 LIVE RESULTS: Free live streams, betting tips, runner-up Shishkin WINS


Rachael Blackmore is on a mission to be the first woman to win today’s Grand National glory.

And Blackmore drew large sums of money to become the first female racer to win.

A Grand National “With the odds shortened for the day, it’s safe to say that Rachael Blackmore has given bookmakers the most headaches in nearly a decade,” the spokesman said.

“Just this week, her odds have risen from January 14, to January 12, 10/1, to 9/1 as they are now (9/1).

“And the prospect of an eight-figure payout on Blackmore has given bookmakers more than a sleepless night.

“The last time bookmakers came close to a headache like this was in 2013 when Katie Walsh’s backing was in favor of Seabass.

“And it is memories of this that, along with the success of Rachael’s Cheltenham, have led to massive traction in the mass market.

“The Minella Times returned to the Grand National for the first time with a score of 40/1 in February but after Rachael’s staggering display at Cheltenham last month, odds for a female athlete won the championship. Grand National is now low to 8/1 and money is on. to pour in.

“And those are the women who support the women because 70% of the stakes on one in three women riding in the Country are staked by female bettors.

“And it is safe to say that if this happens, the girl’s power will surely nail the bookmakers to the wall as they will play the lead down to a payout of nearly £ 100 million.

“But not only is the volume of women fluttering this week, they spend an average of £ 11.50 per bet – from £ 8.50 to £ 20.”



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