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Great room interiors for your small business

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The room is where the staff get together to refuel, enjoy a relaxing time and just sit back and relax. And therefore, it is important to equip quality room furniture. It allows your employees to have a pleasant experience when they’re there for a break or lunch.

The good news is the price and quality of the available bathroom furniture covers a wide variety. And for small businesses on a budget, this is good to know. The key is to define your budget for furniture and stick with it until you find what you can buy.

The room furniture on this list is a great example of the wide variety of styles and prices available in the market today. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some options.

Room furniture

Breaktime 2 Piece Coffee Kitchen

Top Choice: Breaktime 2 Piece Coffee Kitchen

A good foyer includes food and drinks, and Breaktime 2 Piece Coffee Kitchen will make this a reality in just a small form. With this all-in-one, you have everything you need to put appliances, utensils, food and beverages in one place.

The device measures 72 ”wx 36” hx 24 ”and weighs 189 pounds. And it includes full commercial grade, heat fused commercial melamine lamination for high use areas, extremely thick peaks, and high impact edges. You can fit a standard mini bar fridge up to 20 “wx 33” hx 20 “d.

It does not include appliances or utensils.

Break time 2 part Coffee Kitchen Lunch Room Furniture Fully assembled locker Ready to go, Create your new room, Espresso

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Breakroom Kee 36 square inch table


Runner-up: A good table with restaurant-quality chairs will serve your party for many years to come. Breakroom Kee Square tables range in size from 30 “to 48” with four restaurant stools.

The countertops are made of 1 inch thick heat fused Melamine wood finished with black T-Mold edge band. And the laminate table top is scratch, stain and fire resistant, so you can wipe it off easily.

The restaurant stools have a black metal frame with reinforced crossbars along with a waterproof black vinyl seat and seat backs.

Kee 36 inch Square Breakroom Table- Beige / Chrome & 4 Restaurant Stack Chairs- Black

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Office Star Resin 3-piece folding tables and chairs


Best value: In value terms, 3-Piece Office Star Resin Folding Tables and Chairs deliver. When folded, tables measure 34 “x 30” and benches 36 “x 12” and they lie flat against the wall taking up minimal space.

When you open it, the table measures 72 ”x 30 × 29-1 / 2” and each bench measures 72-1 / 2 ”x12” x17-1 / 2 ”. And the table can support 350 pounds while the bench can withstand an evenly distributed weight of up to 200 pounds.

The bench has a load-bearing white seat made of waterproof, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant plastic. The 6-foot table also has a matching plastic top.

Office Star Resin 3-piece folding table and chairs, 2 benches and table 6 x 2.5 feet

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Learniture Structured S-Curve 12 inch H stools


The intrusion room comes in a variety of sizes and configurations. With modular seating furniture, you can arrange the seating area to accommodate as many items as you like. Learniture Structured S-Curve 12 ″ H Chairs can be arranged in a circle, semicircle or other configurations.

Each stool measures 39.25 x 20.5 x 12 inches and weighs only 24 pounds, so you can move easily. The sturdy, durable wooden frame can withstand a weight of up to 300 pounds and is easy to clean. Vinyl top covers wide seats with thick foam cushions, making them stain and abrasion resistant.

Flexible modular collaborative soft seats for offices, homes, lounges, and school classrooms with durable frames

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Winsome Summit pub table and 2 swivel chair set


If you are looking for a casual look for your room, the Winsome Summit and Two Swivel Chairs are the way to go. Whether you only buy one or more sets, the furniture allows the user to sit comfortably and enjoy the rest of the day.

The Summit classic pub table features a polished metal frame and legs with a 30-inch black synthetic wood top. Overall dimensions of the table are 30 inches round and 40.55 ″ tall. Once assembled, the stool has a 19.69 “round top and 29.13” high. The height of the first metal ring from the bottom is 10.59 ″.

Winsome Summit pub table and set of 2 swivel chairs, 3 pieces

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OFM modern 3-person bench

The seating is a very important factor in the accommodation. And finding the right chair, sofa, bench or even bean bag is a matter of preference.

The OFM modern 3-person bench can be easily combined with almost any style of décor. The minimalistic design features a modern look with upholstered upholstered seats and washable textured vinyl fabric. All are backed with polished chrome sled soles capable of bearing up to 500 pounds.

The assembly only requires foot mounting and overall, it measures 22 “x 71.50” x17.50 “with a weight of 59 pounds.

OFM Core Collection Axis Series Contemporary three-seater, textured vinyl with a Chrome sole, in the middle of the night

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ITouchless trash 16 Gallon


Having trash in your guestroom will encourage your employees to recycle. The iTouchless’ stainless steel trash can has two compartments. And it has dual AbsorbX odor filters for each side of the barrel. The AbsorbX system absorbs and neutralizes odors in a natural way, to keep your room fresh and clean.

Each bulk tank has a foot pedal and they have a combined displacement of 16 gallons. This unit measures 28.2 x 21.4 x 17.1 inches and weighs 24.3 pounds. The company includes the first 2 AbsorbX filters upon purchase.

iTouchless 16 Gallon Kitchen Trash Can & Trash Can, Stainless Steel, includes 2 x 8 Gallon Removable Inner Bin

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Choose your bathroom furniture

While the reasons for purchasing room furniture may vary slightly, your choices will be based on a multitude of reasons. The amount of space you have for your accommodation, the number of employees, budget, quality and the environment will all play an important role. With that in mind, here are some suggestions when you are in the process of choosing your room furniture.

  • Material: You can buy room furniture made of stainless steel, wood, plastic as well as a combination of them all or synthetic materials. Invest in durable materials, which can wear out with continuous use, and are easy to clean or repair.
  • Fixed or collapsible: If you have the space, stationary furniture is the way to go. On the other hand, if you don’t have the space, the furniture can open and close. When choosing collapsible furniture to ensure the highest quality possible. This is because wear and tear have a more impact on this type of room furniture.
  • The right size interior: Whether it’s a refrigerator, table or couch, make sure they’re the right size. Choose the right room furniture for the room without overwhelming it.
  • Recycling and waste stations: Clearly marked waste and recycling stations. Not only does this look better, but it also underlines your company’s stance on the environment.
  • Illustrations and clocks: Having artwork makes the space more interesting and a clock will always tell your employees how much time they have left before they get back to work.
  • Carpet: There is a suitable floor mat so it can hold dirt and moisture in before they step out and out of the room.

Space and number of employees

It is assumed that most businesses do not even have a foyer. However, if your business has sufficient amenities, you must consider the space in your furniture selection. And along with the space, you also have to take into account the number of employees you have.

Find out how many employees will be present at any given time and choose furniture to match. Whether it’s permanent furniture or a collapsible design, you can find the right furniture for your space perfectly. Just spend your time searching online as the options can be overwhelming and that can lead to hasty and possibly unfortunate decision-making.

Create a room

Why should you have a room? This is because employees believe that the rest room helps them work more efficiently, it increases job satisfaction and it also improves their personal happiness.

If you have a space in your business and you want to turn it into a lounge, design it so it can support your company culture. Start by asking your employees about any of the suggestions and find the ones that have the most common ground.

Then try to do as much as you can. This includes seating, play, lunch and coffee areas along with bright and airy décor with warm colors and some greenery. Of course, this will depend on your budget, the available space, and the type of industry you’re in.

Once you have the breakup room set up and running, be sure to create and display the rules so that everyone can see it. This will result in a clean, orderly room that everyone can enjoy.


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