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Green Roofing is the future, says local roofing company Emery Construction – Press Releases

Green Roofing is the future, says local roofing company Emery Construction

“Commercial Roofer Emery construction is always by your side”

Application of geosynthetics in green roofing

Plano, Texas – With what some are referring to as ‘The Eco-Revolution,’ efforts are being made at every level these days to adapt modern lifestyles to be more environmentally friendly. One popular way to go about this is to convert standard rooftops into green roofs – a modern marvel made possible by the advent of geosynthetics.

Green roofs are made of several layers. The base layer is typically an impermeable or nearly impermeable geosynthetic sheet which protects the roof from the moisture, chemicals, and even the plants themselves. Next comes the drainage layer, where a geosynthetic subtype called a geonet or a geogrid is employed. This has a grid of pockets filled with stones or other drainage material, and then over the top of this is laid the substrate – or the medium in which the plants grow. Vegetation is planted in the substrate. Many people opt for low maintenance greenery, but others choose plants that could be used for food.

Local roofing experts, Emery Construction, were asked about the significance of geosynthetics in the application of green roofing. A representative of the company explained,

“Well, green roofs are made possible thanks to geotextiles. Geotextiles are basically, well usually, sheets of woven plastic. They can come in a variety of ways, and it’s this versatility that makes them so useful. Geotextiles are used in multiple ways for green roofing.”

Emery Construction is a well known name in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. The company is garnering a new level of interest though for their expertise in green roofing. In fact, recently people most often find the company by searching ‘green roofing companies near me’ and ‘Fort Worth roofing.’

The company’s representative went on to say, “We see a future where all of the residential roofing Fort Worth has and even all of the commercial roofing Fort Worth has is green. Where even our most common building structures are helping to reduce greenhouse emissions, reduce energy consumption, maybe provide some fresh food, and even produce oxygen and help to purify polluted air.”

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