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Greenville may provide new complex for police, fire courts – Hub News Report

GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) — Authorities in a South Carolina city are looking at the possibility of buying and renovating a large building as a new home for its police and fire departments and municipal court.

Greeneville’s city spokesperson says in an emailed new release that the building is now owned by the Daniel International Corporation. The Greenville News reports that the cost is $27 million.

The release cites several reasons for the proposed move, with officials pointing to the age of current facilities shared by city and county departments, as well as the need for more space for city and county facilities.

For instance, the release notes that Greenville’s Municipal Court building is more than 80 years old and in poor condition. It lacks parking and it flooded in August as a result of a sewer backup.

Judge Matthew Hawley

“It’s as much about more space for us as it is about improving the quality of the space,” said Judge Matthew Hawley. “This building was constructed right after World War II. We have two courtrooms here on this property and an administrative wing. We’ve been successful in using the two courtrooms, but we can use a small third room courtroom for a jury panel, sequestration and jury selection.”

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