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Guide to the 50 states for the 2020 Election

While the presidential election is getting the most attention, there are actually thousands of other races on the ballot. All 435 seats in the US House of Representatives and a large class in the Senate (35 elections) were disputed. These races will have a great impact on the law and composition of federal courts.

Our 50 state guide for election is designed to ensure that these downballot races are not ignored. In addition to noting which seats in the U.S. House and Senate are competitive (using our own Cook Political Report rating and our own measure of voter power), we also took note of the Main voting initiatives, Supreme Court elections, legislative and local races by each state.

Last month, we introduced readers to Project Moneyball redistricting 2020, a model built to determine which state legislative elections will have the most impact in stopping partisan opposition over the next decade. In addition to the great redistribution of power that state legislatures have; Out of 99 state legislatures in the country, 86 will hold elections this fall. Like Moneyball, we show our readers which race (according to CNAlysis) is most important to determine control.

Finally, in a year marked by social unrest and rallies for racial equality and criminal justice reform, there will be more than 2,300 elections to identify local prosecutors and the scene. chief. Based on Appeal of Daniel Nichanian, we have also marked localities with important criminal justice races.

If we missed something or made a mistake, please reply in the comment either let our team know firsthand! From now to Election Day, we’ll refine and update our guide to make sure it’s as helpful as possible.

At the state and county level, you can take advantage of our research and donate to the races with the highest impact by using PEC Act 2020 (for Democrats) and Winning PEC 2020 (for Republicans).

Who did the job: Interactive map, Hope Johnson. Site Administrator, Mike Hallee. Content Intern, Adam Krauss. Redistribution of Moneyball, Jacob Wachspress, Connor Moffatt, and Chaz Nuttycombe of CNalytics. Project editor, Zachariah Sippy.



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