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Haier Biomedical Supports the Vaccine Roll-out Program in Africa – Press Releases

Haier Biomedical supported the African Vaccine Roll-out Program. More than 1,000 units of Haier Biomedical’s vaccine refrigerators & devices have been delivered and installed throughout South Africa to help the storage and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to local communities, especially those that are at high risk and hard to reach.

Vaccine storage is a challenge encountered by many countries in Africa. A recent survey of 34 African countries by the African regional office of the World Health Organization revealed that in 31% of countries, more than 50% of districts have challenges with cold chain capacity that are significantly prohibitive for vaccine rollout.

Vaccination can help the vaccinated bodies get rid of the corresponding infectious disease or avoid being infected, and enable the body to be immune to certain infectious diseases caused by viruses or bacteria.


“During storage, vaccines need to be continuously refrigerated or frozen so that they can maintain effectiveness” said Dr. Joe Phaahla, Minister of Health. “Any temperature fluctuation or loss can affect their effectiveness, making immunization unsafe. This is a great challenge for many countries on the African continent.”

The Director of Technical Department from Haier Biomedical explained that “Cold chain management plays a key role in ensuring the safe arrival and effective inoculation drive of the vaccines, medicines, and drugs. Vaccine refrigerators must be designed with professional temperature control ability to ensure the safety of vaccine storage. Haier Biomedical’s Vaccine Solution can safeguard the vaccine safety throughout the process from production to transportation, storage, and vaccination to the last mile.”


Previously, thousands of Haier Biomedical’s vaccine cold chain equipment has been delivered to most African countries via the United Nations and NGOs to help fight the pandemic. With the deployment of Haier Biomedical’s vaccine refrigerators and monitoring devices in South Africa, a more complete vaccine safety network coverage will be established in Sub-Saharan Africa to effectively solve the last mile problems of vaccination in Africa.

Now and ongoing, the Haier Biomedical team will continue to develop and deliver to the market industry leading energy saving supported equipment, including vaccine refrigeration, freezing, transportation and monitoring for regions with power shortages, covering the whole life service cycle and contribute “Haier Biomedical’s” power to public healthcare development in Africa.

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