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“Half a year after Trump’s defeat, the Arizona Republicans are counting the votes again”

Michael Wines for NYT:

Nearly half a year after Mr. Trump lost the election, the promised audit has turned into a hunt for scammers extending the court war, death threats and calls. Arrest elected leaders of Maricopa County, including Phoenix.

The head of Cyber ​​Ninjas, the Florida-based company hired by Republican senators to oversee the audit, has accept Mr. Trump’s baseless theories election theft and yes proposal, contrary to available evidence, that Mr. Trump actually won Arizona with 200,000 votes. Trump-pro-Trump cable channel One America News Network has begun raising funds to fund the venture and has been named one of the non-partisan observers That will keep the audit straightforward and narrow.

In fact, the previous three reviews showed no sign of significant fraud or any reason to doubt President Biden’s victory. But the senators now plan to recount – by hand – all 2.1 million votes were elected in Maricopa County, representing two-thirds of the total statewide votes.

Critics at both parties allege that an attempt that began as a way to appease angry Trump voters turned into a political fluster and another blow to impossibility of democratic rule. an infringer was a loser and the winner honored the election results.

“You know the dog caught the car?” Steve Gallardo, the sole Democrat on the Republican-dominated Maricopa Supervisory Board said. “The dog doesn’t know what to do with it.”



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