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‘Hand-held festival’ of children’s literature – Culture & Entertainment is here

‘Mobile Day’ takes place here to promote children’s reading, during the pandemic year, to be conducted online in a three-day network with training appointments with experts, meeting authors and illustrators, listening read aloud, of groups.

The festival was born as part of ‘Leggimi presto’, an initiative that was conceived and kicked off in 2019 with the sponsorship of CEPELL – the Book and Reading Center of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage – and aims to advertise Early reading for children 0-6 years old and to popularize reading aloud as a “good practice” shared among families, with special attention and attention to difficult circumstances, discrimination, cultural, social and marginal factors, the project.

“Leggimi Presto”, promoted by the Mobile Readers Association with the support of InFolio Associate Studio, benefits from the collaboration and enthusiasm of 12 Orvieto cities and many of the partners involved in the project. since its inception. The volunteers were trained with the “How to Read for Kids” courses, initially present, followed by the pandemic-ordered course, redesigned for use online. Entire families and small communities involved, who joined, accepted the invitation to verify the benefits of reading from an early age, become a reader-volunteer. The readings are conducted live and online, books are donated to schools and new babies and the items are also designed such as Koob-i game shelves, a designed game shelf and Built specifically for the “Leggimi Presto”.

The Circle is now over with a Festival created and created to be enjoyed entirely online, since its very first version. Several experts who have also undertook the training for “Leggimi presto” will be present at the festival: Roberta Favia, Literature specialist for children and teenagers, specializing in literary criticism and publishing history. ; Alfonso Cuccurullo, actor and coach recognized by the National Coordinator of the “Born to Read” Project; Carla Ghisalberti, Children’s Literature Specialist and President of the Association “I Read Readers”; Artebambini, a specialized children’s and youth publishing house; Martina Pizziconi, playwright, director and actress.


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