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Hangover on Coinbase? This is the reason why bitcoin is likely to suffer the steepest slide since February


Bitcoin’s price sank into a correction zone on Sunday, marking the strongest slide for digital assets since February, which came after a remarkably long period for the crypto industry. See full story.

The semiconductor shortage continues, but it will affect chip companies differently

The global shortage of semiconductors — the chips that power giant data centers, modern automobiles, and a multitude of digital devices — have jolted the entire manufacturing industry. demand and is expected to end soon. However, this is not a big deal as different sectors of the chip industry will continue to be affected by shortages in different ways. See full story.

Stocks are at all-time highs and the US economy is booming. So why are people freaking out?

All the constant weird things that happen in the financial markets, from bond yields that drop when they should rise, to an almost daily fluctuation between big beliefs. It’s hard to manage money when everything is fragile. See full story.

These stocks are ‘cash cows’ that give you a better way to play value fields

Sean O’Hara, president of Pacer ETFs, said the cash flow approach is the best way to determine the value of stocks in the modern economy. See full story.

These stocks allow you to enter the hot real estate market

Valuations of many homebuilders remain low, while their implied upside potential is at double digits. See full story.


“We have five other siblings currently unaware of this arrangement.” See full story.



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