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Happy weekend. | A Cup of Jo

What are your plans for this weekend? We have a new ice cream spot in our neighborhood that has become a living goal for boys to become ordinary people. We also have a new tradition of watching one episode of Full House in bed every night – it’s a childhood flashback. Hope you have a good weekend – Ramadan Kareem – and here are a few links from around the web …

I’m so excited to look brilliant this summer.

Great Studio apartment on the terrace?

New Movie Together Forever looks attractive.

Rage is the only language I have left. ”(The New York Times)

Delicious. Also, this.

Roxane Gay about how she chooses art.

Wouldn’t be fun to stay in one hotel on the tree?

These outdoor pieces is making me crave warmer weather.


The Lincoln Center will look different this summer. (New York Magazine)

Additionally, two comments from readers:

Rosie said above Talk to children about sex: “My mom did a great job teaching us about the importance of women enjoying sex that I think only women will reach orgasm until I actually start having sex. I truly believe that the whole thing is to let the girl get rid of and the guy just does it for her to be nice and / or have kids. “

Katie said above What’s your second chance this year: “My seven-year partner and I broke up in February – the day before Valentine’s Day. Because of so much to name, we still live together. BUT I am moving out of TOMORROW! I have never lived alone before so this will be my first place when I am 28 years old. A second chance for love, home and life, in my lovely new apartment. I can’t wait to see how things work out.

(Photo by Yasmine Mei.)

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