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Have a nice weekend. | A cup of Jo

What are your plans for this weekend? Toby is getting a haircut and we’ll have lunch outside in time Franks Wine Bar. I am looking forward to the sunny sky. Hope you have a nice one and here are a few links from all over the web …

This sweater is so beautiful (and this is the color right now).

The six screenwriters had the hardest ending they used to write.

Devoured this book. Rub.

Why is loin fish my gold standard for fast food. ”(The New York Times)

A cute and colorful The Berlin kitchen.

Ted Lasso’s the second part intro.

What kind of body can you get by just walking? (Answer: Very.)

Funny national park poster based on bad reviews.

Great Candlestick registration? (Especially on this desert theme scent.)

Will have two types of people socialized after the pandemic. (Atlantic)

Additionally, two comments from readers:

Yulia said above Miss uniforms of Michelle Zauner: “I remember reading Michelle Zauner’s book ‘Crying in H Mart‘in the New Yorker in August 2018 and loved it so much that I printed it out. I still reread it periodically. Years ago when I first moved in, I used to go to the Eastern European grocery stores whenever I missed my family. I will walk through the stalls of pickled vegetables and bok choy and quietly listen to the unremarkable gossiping women in Russian and Ukrainian way. It feels like being in an aunties’ room.

K said above make up with my quarantine: “I feel extremely sad about my weight gain, like I have lost ‘who I am’. I got married this summer at the lowest weight since high school, and then I feel very confident. But as my friend’s mother said, I ‘got fat and happy’ very quickly in my marriage. But then my sweet friend’s mother said to me, ‘Honey, I think you’ve been stressed out all your life. Finally you relax and let your body go was. Buy new clothes and feel nice. Because you are loved. ‘That’s for the best. And I will. Thank you Kim for inspiring me to start with bikini. ”

(Photo of Dean the Basset. Links walk through Kottke.)



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