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Have a sweet weekend. | A Cup of Jo

What are your plans for this weekend? We’re going to Coney Island! I couldn’t wait to see the water and eat the gelato in the cone. Hope you have a nice one and here are a few links from all over the web …

The cutest pajamas.

Hahahaha, bankrupt.

My guys are LOVE this extremely suspenseful, well-told story The aircraft made an emergency landing on the Hudson River.

Predict a good time is half the fun.

How beautiful this Ikea mirror?

This poem makes me hug my heart tightly. (New Yorkers)

Alex and I oppose each other in a major way: He doesn’t like potatoes. I want to change his mind this recipe.

Two types of car advertising, haha.

Have you eaten before a Pittsburgh salad? (New York Magazine)

I am a person of color and suddenly people care about me. ”(New Yorkers)

Oh, how beautiful the airbnbs.

Additionally, two comments from readers:

Lauren said above what are you good at secret: “My vibe calms the geese. That doesn’t appear in most contexts, but I volunteer at a wildlife hospital and the best geese are chaotic neutrals, so it would be helpful to be able to say, ‘Let go My geese ‘loose and they relax in my arms while we take care of them. “

Samantha said above what are you good at secret: “’Relax, my gaze’ should be everyone’s living motto. It is definitely mine now! “

(Photo by cuteetakespictures.)

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