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Have vaccinated for 39% over 80 years old in Italy, 68% of the first dose – Chronicle

38.79% of people over 80 years old in Italy also received the booster vaccine while 68.20% received only the first dose. This is the data reported in the government report, updated this morning and has since found the percentage involving Italians aged 70 to 79 is much lower. In fact, in that age group, only 2.48% were vaccinated and only 19.89% received the first dose. On the other hand, the figure is higher for RSA clients, 75.53% get vaccinated while the first dose to be injected is 91.25% and for health and social workers: the percentage is 75.29 % with two doses and 91.63% with one dose.

Lazio, with the first 19 doses of J&J, will go to prison – “On April 19, we will have our first delivery of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. This is a modest delivery: 18 thousand doses will mainly go to prison staff. work there and for prisoners. ” This was announced by Alessio D’Amato, Lazio Regional Health Commissioner, during a visit to the vaccination center at San Giovanni in Rome. “We hope that from next May we will be able to expand supply,” he added.

Aifa: the second dose does not exceed 42 days for Pfizer and Moderna The optimal dose interval is 21 days for the Comirnaty vaccine of Pfizer-BionTech and 28 days for the Modern COVID-19 vaccine. However, if it is necessary to delay the second dose by a few days, do not in any case exceed the 42-day interval for both mRNA vaccines. It is important to reiterate that for optimal protection, a second dose of the vaccination cycle must be completed. “This is what the AIFA Committee on Science and Technology affirms in its comments attached to the new circular. of the Ministry of Health ‘Sars-CoV2 Vaccination’.


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