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Health lessons to lead a healthy company

Very complex contexts such as those we have faced over the past 12 months imply an additional challenge for managers, team leaders and decision-makers within the organization.

April 21, 2021

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Very complex contexts such as those we have faced in the past 12 months imply an additional challenge for managers, team leaders and decision-makers in the organization: how to infuse resilience and balance to their team to adapt – quickly and effectively‒ to an Environment?

Without a doubt, the first thing is to recognize the need for adaptation and not ignore the fundamentals of the organization: a learning curve is needed, highlighting adaptability through New plans such as flexible work, redefining benefits and – no less determination. to deal with uncertainty.

We can say that the impact is different if we see it by countries, communities, industrial activity or economic sectors, we can claim that it was even in the mood. of people, and one of the signs we’ve seen is the research we’ve done in Exercise card , indicating that 35% of all uses of our partner apps on the platform are from users who have visited. emotional health application.

That’s an important signal for those in charge of managing talent in companies: the concept of happiness is expanding and includes an important emotional aspect of quality of life and vitality. strong staff.

I share with you four health lessons that leaders learned throughout 2020 to adopt a healthy business approach.

Focus on clone leadership: Leaders understand that achieving company goals and achieving company goals is through commitment, motivation, creativity, work-personal harmony, communication and factors. other, beyond a workday at scheduled hours. A leader who understands this will not only have effective teams: he will be able to create a highly efficient work environment, which is the key to organizational innovation and growth.

Take a preventive approach to Exhausted : One of the observed adjustments is that teleworkers work 1.4 days more per month than their peers in the office, according to a report. learn : leads to more than three weeks of work per year. Organizations recognize the importance of prevention and management to avoid exhausted devices and we began to observe that some companies have set up schedules to assist with disconnection, as well as provide digital tools to adopt new wellness routines. With distance exercises, which can range from 5 minutes of meditation, healthy recipes, online functional classes or other options each collaborator can choose according to what suits them best. This underlines the importance of using benefit-based health programs for employees and companies, investing in a better and healthier future.

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Encourage a balance between your personal and professional life: According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ( OECD Mexico ranked second for the worst balance between work and personal life, along with a drastic shift in employment. Every day, there is a growing interest in setting clear boundaries between work and personal life, which is why new regulations have even been created, such as Name 035 , which allows the identification and analysis of psychosocial risk factors and preventive measures to promote a conducive organizational environment; in addition to the recent approval of the reform Labor Law to govern home office and ensure that employees have the necessary conditions to perform their work at home.

Social distance is not synonymous with isolation: According to the article on ” Work and the pandemic of loneliness “ , published in Harvard Business Journal Feelings of loneliness and isolation are the main obstacles employees face to perform their job activities, as it is perceived as a loss of social interaction, which can often trigger collaboration or exchange ideas or views. That’s why leaders are also turning to wellness programs and physical activity challenges – at a distance – to establish a moment of remote, supportive social networking. The space takes care of itself and creates the impetus for more integration.

We were faced with a new working model where the importance of emotional paychecks began to be emphasized, promoting a sense of familiarity and creating a healthy work environment. In 2020, that trend accelerates, and now we see companies increasingly interested in getting involved to be a part of this innovation in the workplace, where they’re driving productivity. , his creativity and happiness.



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