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Healthy gut soft drinks have fiber, dizziness and flavor

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When I was growing up, there was a pretty strict rule in my house that “you must drink milk with dinner”, but on some special occasions my parents gave us soft drinks. To this day, I cannot have a pizza night without a soft drink in a bright red can.

When I was a kid, I was also very happy that I didn’t know about it the effect of supplementary sugar on the body, namely the intestines. Research has shown that added sugar kills good bacteria that live in the gut. Now, every once in a while a can of soda is definitely not a big deal. As one health coachI’m a balancer, and when a customer tells me they want an occasional cans of Dr.. Pepper (or a slice of cake, or a cookie…), I say use it.

But if you enjoy enjoying soda every day, all of that sugar can lead to intestinal imbalance, leading to digestive problems and other health problems. (And BTW, you can’t solve the problem by switching over Diet soda with artificial sweeteners.)

When I first started looking for a healthy gut soft drink, everyone I asked to guide me. kombucha. There is no shade for fermented tea, but kombucha is definitely not soda. Sure, it’s good for the gut and can be refreshing, but no one can confuse its taste. But in the past few years, the drink has actually tasted a lot like traditional soda has started growing up in the world of healthcare. Friends, I have tried them all. (Hard work, isn’t it?) While many are delicious, there is one that helps satisfy soda cravings while actively working to improve good healthy: Olipop ($ 36 for case 12).

Olipop is a healthy intestinal soft drink that is high in fiber, Great for digestion; Nutrients clock at 9 grams per can and are obtained from a number of different prebiotic sources, mainly chicory root and Jerusalem artichoke. It also has almost no sugar. “Essentially, Olipop is designed to increase people’s consumption of fiber and prebiotics through a nutritionally diverse combination of plants and plant extracts,” previous co-founder Ben Goodwin this told me. “Our goal is to provide a low-sugar alternative to soda, through a flavor that people love and are familiar with.”

Of course, no one would care how healthy it was if it didn’t taste good and I can tell you that Olipop does. Flavors include Vintage Cola, Classic Root Beer, Ginger Lemon, Orange Squeeze, Strawberry Vanilla and Cherry Vanilla. So no matter what soft drink you love, you will love a soft drink.

Again, sometimes you just want a can of soft drinks that you already know and love, and that’s okay. But for those who are looking for a soft drink that offers a good taste, and Full of gut health benefits, Olipop has become the product that I recommend to clients as well as opening itself.

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