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Henry, Bergkamp and Vieira ‘participate in Spotify owners’ takeover bid by Arsenal’, Chelsea ‘lead the Varane transfer race’


English football is poised to reclaim Europe’s best title – years after DEATH.

And if Chelsea or Arsenal beat their Spanish counterpart this week, England will be confirmed at the top of the group – even if all four Prem clubs advance to the semi-finals.

The trophy of the Euro warriors of Prem made England’s 5-year score increase to 98,283.

Two points are received for each win and one point for each draw in the European league, divided by the number of teams that have passed qualifying – seven in the case of England – to provide an average score for each country.

He started the season in second place behind Spain, the team that has topped the Euro group since 2012.

But while English clubs have amassed 22,071 points so far, Spain has earned just 18,642, for a total of 96,997.

With only Real Madrid and Villarreal left among the first seven teams of La Liga, Spain’s maximum possible final count is 98,711.

England will be guaranteed top if Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United, between them only get three draws or one win and one draw in their eight aggregate matches in both rounds of the semi-finals. conclusion.



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