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Herb Flora Skin Care Mimic exercises for your skin

IIt’s no secret that exercise is important. We know it’s good for our heart, lungs, body and mental health, and how exercise can affect our body. skin Less well known, there are a number of ways it can have a big impact. When your heart rate increases rapidly, increased blood flow and circulation will help feed and revitalizing skin cells. Also, that is exercise sweat can help speed up the replacement of dead skin cells. And finally, since exercise is also a great stress reliever, lower cortisol levels can also help reduce inflammation throughout the body. This is the brand new place HERB + FLORA Skincare found their niche.

HERB + FLORA, founded by Marie-Pierre Stark Flora and Guillaume Herbette in 2019, takes a holistic, innovative approach to energizing youth with both can eat products. By combining founders’ passion for sports, and science clean beauty, the brand has created Exercise Mimic Youth Complex, combining exercise science and skin care. Curious about the science behind the products? Scientific partner of the brand Mark Tarnopolsky, MD, PhDWho brings 30 years of groundbreaking research in the fields of autophagy and mitochondrial health is here to answer how brands work.

What are the three main effects of exercise on the skin?

According to Dr. Tarnopolsky, exercise is known to be associated with thicker dermis and thinner horny layers in older adults. This means that exercise can help reverse the increase in oxidative stress, which can lead to signs of aging on the skin, and it can increase the body’s capacity. to start autophagy helps to remove old dead skin cells to make room for new ones to be revived. In addition, the increased sweating caused by exercise can help unclog skin pores and provide minerals to the skin. Lastly, the commonly used phrase, “post-workout light,” refers to the vasodilation that occurs during exercise and lasts from a few minutes to an hour. According to Stark Flora, “the brand’s topical serum was studied in a consumer trial and 97% of people found that after just eight days of use, the product gave its skin a boost. they ‘brighten up after exercise’ and make it look healthier, more radiant and bright. “This is because the antioxidants and alpha- and poly-hydroxy acids in the formula help to remove dead skin and the asparagus extract has a activating effect.

What aspects of the exercise is the brand trying to imitate in these new products?

There are three main altered biological factors that contribute to aging – mitochondrial dysfunction, lower antioxidant capacity and lower self-enforcement (removal of damaged cell material). accumulates during aging). Exercise can trigger all of these processes through the activation of a so-called signaling molecule AMPK. Therefore, to enhance or mimic these benefits, the brand uses topical medications that contain ingredients, which have been shown to have antioxidant, mitochondrial, and self-activation properties Food and food have a combination of nutrients.

At what point in one’s regimen should one incorporate Complex Exercise?

According to Stark Flora, the Exercise Complex products will help everyone from the least sedentary to the elite athletes to improve skin health. “Skin fit Program is a complete overall protocol from the inside in and out to see the synergy effect. Eye serum and gel should be applied morning and evening for best results, taken in the morning with breakfast and our clinically proven anti-aging pillowcases function as a night therapy. “In other words, you don’t have to smash the pavement to reap the benefits of exercise for your skin.

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