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Here’s what’s coming to Netflix in May 2021 – and what’s left

After a moderate selection of services over the past few months, Netflix Inc. are getting ready when summer comes, with some fan-favorite movies set to return in May, along with some big-name originals.

The biggest part of the group appears to be Zack Snyder’s zombie / casino-heist mashup, “Army of the Dead” (May 21), a cheerful violent movie starring Dave Bautista. On the cinema front, also “The woman in the window” (May 14), starring Amy Adams in the “The Window Behind” horror genre, delayed release by one year due to pandemic; and “Oxygen” (May 12), a French sci-fi thriller starring Mélanie Laurent as a woman trapped in a freezer.

Most intriguing is Aziz Ansari’s award-winning comedy series Emmy “Master of None” return for the third season (TBA date) after the four-year gap, witnessed accuse of sexual misconduct against Ansari in 2018. The new installment moved the filming from New York to London, and reportedly will focus more on Lena Waithe’s character, Denise.


also has a second installment of Season 5 of the supernatural (and fan favorite) crime drama “Lucifer” (May 28); and part two of “Selena: The Series” (May 4), tells the story of the life of the late Mexican-American pop superstar. There is also “Halston” (TBA date), a limited series by Ryan Murphy and starring Ewan McGregor as the iconic fashion designer; documentary about real crime “Sam’s Children: A landing in the dark” May 5); comic book adaptation superhero “Legacy of Jupiter” (May 7), starring Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb; financial document repository “Money, explained” (May 11); comedy “Bounce back” (May 12), starring Mike Epps, Wanda Sykes and Kim Fields; a new season in the Emmy award-winning anthology series “Love, Death & Robot: Episode 2” (May 14); Part 2 of the famous Mexican horror film “Who killed Sara?” (May 19); season two of “Especially” (May 20), a comedy about a young gay man with cerebral palsy; and Part 3 of the comedy “The Kominsky Method” (May 28), starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin.

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And a warning for Benedict Cumberbatch fans: Part 1-4 of “Sherlock” will leave Netflix on May 14.

Here’s the full lineup, as of April 21 (release date subject to change):

What will come in May 2021

Coming soon (no announcement date)
AlRawabi School for Girls – Netflix original
Amy Tan: Unexpected memoir (2021)
Halston – Netflix original
Mad for each other – Netflix original
Master of None – Netflix Original
Racket Boys – Netflix Original
Ragnarok: Part 2 – Netflix original

1st 5th
The alien stole my body
Angelina Ballerina: Part 5
Angelina Ballerina: Part 6
Back to the future
Back to the Future Part II
Back to the Future Part III
Barney and Friends: Part 13
Barney and Friends: Part 14
The best of the best
Die again in Tombstone
Date due
Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)
GI Joe: The Cobra Rise
Green area
Hachi: The story of a dog
JT LeRoy
Madagascar 3: The most wanted place in Europe
mysterious river
Never step back
Notting Hill
Open season
The afterlife resides
Extinction of evil stay
Scar face
Sitting in Limbo
Play state
Land before time
The Land Before Time II: An Adventure in the Great Valley
Lovely bones
Summary on Pelican
The sweetest thing
Complete Nine Yards
Deep waist
Your highness
Zack and Miri Make a Porno

May 2
Hoarders: Part 11

May 4
Clove assassin
Selena: The Series: Part 2 – Netflix Original

Trash Truck: Part 2 – The Netflix Family

May 5
Framing John DeLorean
The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness – Netflix documentary

May 6
Dead Man Down

May 7
Girl from Nowhere: Season 2 – Netflix Original
Jupiter’s Legacy – Netflix Original

Milestone – Netflix Film
Monsters – Netflix Film

May 8
Mine – Netflix Original

May 11
Money, explained – Netflix documentary

May 12
Dance of the Forty One – Netflix Film
Oxy – Netflix Film

The Upshaws – Netflix Original

May 13
Castlevania: Part 4 – Netflix animation
Cake has layers

May 14
Ferry – Netflix Film
Obsession: Part 3 – Netflix Original
I’m all girls – Netflix Film
Jungle Beat: The Movie – Netflix Family
Love, Death & Robots: Volume 2 – Netflix Original

Move to Heaven – Netflix Original
Strange House – Netflix Film
The Woman in the Window – Netflix Film

May 16
Attractive designs

May 18
Sardar Ka Grandson – Netflix Film

May 19
The last day
Small town crime
Who killed Sara ?: Part 2 – Netflix original

May 20
Hate Peter Tatchell
Special: Part 2 – Netflix Original
Spy Kids: All the time in the world

May 21
Army of the Dead – Netflix Film
Jurassic World Camp Creta: Part 3 – Netflix Family
The Neighbor: Part 2 – Netflix Original

May 22
Sam Smith: Love Goes — Live At Abbey Road Studios

May 25
Home page

May 26
Baggio: Divine ponytail – Netflix Film
High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America – Netflix Documentary
Nail Bomber: Manhunt – Netflix documentary film

May 27
Black Space – Netflix original
Blue Magic – Netflix Film
Eden – Netflix Animation
Soy Rada: Serendipity – Netflix Comedy Special

May 28
Dog Gone Trouble – Netflix family
Lucifer: Part 5 Part 2 – Netflix Original
Kominsky Method: Part 3 – Netflix Original

May 31
Dirty John: The Betty Broderick story
The Paris Agency: Exclusive Properties – Netflix Original

What’s left in May

1st 5th
Hoarders: Part 10

May 3
War Horse

May 5
The hangman

May 6
City of God: 10 years later

May 7
Selected people
The house is at the end of the road

May 10

May 14
Sherlock: Series 1-4

May 18

May 29
American Crime: Part 1-3
My Week With Marilyn
My love

May 31
The first 50 days
Act brave
All dogs go to heaven
The Blair witch project
Brokeback Mountain
Deliver us from Eva
Now I pronounce you Chuck and Larry
Julie & Julia
National Lampoon’s Christmas holiday
Prosecution of Crime: The extraordinary world of Ben Ferencz
Pursue happiness
Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior
Scorpion King 3: Redemption Battle
Soul Surfer



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